Bathroom Essentials: 10 Suitable Plants For Bathroom

Houseplants have become a household name. From rooms to kitchens to bathrooms, they can be seen thriving everywhere. And if you just asked bathrooms? Then, yes bathrooms are an ideal hangout place for most indoor plants. The warmth of the steamy shower, the dim light rays reflecting from the window, and the humidity entrapped in the walls act as the best friend to plants kept in the bathroom and don’t let them wilt.

Suitable Plants for Bathroom

Now if you are wondering the purpose of having plants in the bathroom, we have got answers for that as well. Welcoming a burst of nature in bathrooms in the form of home plants purifies the air, freshens the aura, adds a dash of texture, and spice up the decor.

Here are the 10 best bathroom plant ideas that you can and should consider.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a must-have plant in the home. It is highly beneficial in curing a number of diseases and provides immediate relief from sunburns, cuts, or bug bites. When you are planting an aloe vera plant in the bathroom, be aware of the growing conditions, it may require more light to grow in its full potential.

Aloe Vera

2. Snake Plant

From beginners to pros, this plant is a favourite of everyone because of its easy care requirements and foliage touch. Snake plant is an air-purifying plant meaning having this pot of greenery will leave your bathroom free from impurities like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Snake Plant

3. Bamboo

The feng shui bamboo plant in the bathroom is a good choice. All you need is a container with water and a few pebbles to help the lucky bamboo plant take its roots. Keep the plant well hydrated with water.


4. Orchids

A good smelling bathroom is all you need! It flourishes well in hot and humid environments. The ideal placement of the orchid plant pot should be the windowsill as the indirect sunlight will keep it blooming. Therefore, it is one of the best plants for the bathroom smells.


5. Peace Lily

The lush and beautiful peace lily will bring to the bathroom spaces pure air and a touch of green. If you want to keep it blooming, keep the pot in low light and keep the soil damp. As they grow well in filtered light, the low light of the bathroom will work wonders.

Peace Lily

6. Ferns

Ferns are houseplants that love humidity and are well suited to handle bathroom temperature fluctuations. They produce leaves ranging from dark to light green, thus making your space look vibrant and rich.


7. Air Plants

Don’t get fooled by their name. In addition to the air, they require water as well to grow to their best potential. Air purifying plants in the bathroom are a perfect choice for people who prefer smaller pots of greenery.

Air Plants

8. Dracena

There are several varieties of Dracena that you can choose from. For this plant to grow, high humidity is the key. So, your bathroom will be the apt choice. They also tolerate low levels of light, so the bathroom is just the perfect place for them.


9. Golden Pothos

A good trailing plant with its vines will surely bring beauty to your idle bathroom. Give this plant a humid environment and it will never disappoint you with its splendour.

Golden Pothos

10. Spider Plant

Last but not least, the spider plant is another most suitable plant for bathrooms. This plant can happily handle humidity and low light. Either place it on a shelf or hang it with a ceiling, this plant will survive and grow.

Spider Plant

It’s time to give your grey bathroom a viridescent makeover. Adorn it with plants and turn it into your happy place.