Local Festivals of Tamil Nadu That Fills Life With Happy Vibes #Lifemeinekbaar

Do you remember those days when we were taught to sing these lines aloud during a school assembly?

“..Mazahab nahin sikhaata aapas mein bair rakhna Hindi hain ham watan hai, hindostaan hamaara..”

Probably, we were too young to understand the meaning of such deep words, during those old, gold school days. But now, when we see nations coming together and celebrating every festival with heightened spirits without thinking about caste, creed, race, colour, status and sex discrimination, it surely restores our faith in humanity. Indeed, we are one of a kind nation which beliefs united we stand, divided we fall.

celebrating local festivals of Tamil Nadu

Indians dig deep while celebrating the very essence of the festival, every festival is celebrated with a different motto. Some for celebrating the win of good over the evil, while some others for some mythological significance. Let the festival be months away from now but people tend to gear up with all its preparations, way before their festival month arrives. Such is the experience one gets while celebrating any festival in this culturally rich land of India.

Tamil Nadu is one such state where people of all age groups come together to celebrate life in the form of celebrating some popular traditional festivals. Every festival is celebrated differently like for some festivals people tend to please one another over midnight cake delivery in Chennai, while on some other festivals, people like to celebrate by singing, dancing and celebrating life away. Some of the popular festivals in Tamil Nadu include the following:

1. Pongal

One of the most traditional festivals celebrated with great fervour in Tamil Nadu, undoubtedly is Pongal. Once in a lifetime, everyone is suggested to visit this Indian state during the Pongal festivities. It is like the most celebrated harvest festival which is celebrated in the month of January. Families and friends come together for this four-day festival to thank the Sun Lord for all the agricultural produce in abundance. Furthermore, people also tend to convey their gratitude to the Rain Lord for a sufficient amount of rainfall. On the third day of the festivities, Tamiliuand tends to honour cows who helped them in the fields. While on the last day, women perform Kaka Pudi Kannu Pudi where they feed birds coloured rice balls and wish for their brother's well being. As the Pongal is celebrated in the most traditional way, on the last day some people try to surprise their brothers with online cake delivery in Chennai option from some reputed bakery.

women celebrating Pongal festival

2. Natyanjali

Every festival tends to make our hearts to dance away all the sorrows or miseries of our lives by coming one after another. One such festival is the Natyanjali Dance Festival, which is celebrated with the motive of 'unity in diversity'. Various dancers play their respect to the Lord of Dance (Nataraja) in the month of February-March. Artists perform Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Manipuri Bharatanatyam, Pung Cholam and Odissi dance forms in the famous Chidambaram temple, on the day of Maha Shivaratri. Hundreds and thousands of people come and visit this temple to applause their performance or to watch the live telecast sitting at their homes over relishing best cakes in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu.

girls performing Natyanjali Dance

3. Karthigai Deepam Festival

Somewhat similar to the festival of lights as celebrated in Northern India, Karthigai Deepam Festival has its significance marked in the very popular Sangam Literature. It is celebrated in the month of November-December with families, friends and other special ones for a period of 3 days. Houses are decorated with oil lamps and lights to ward off evil on this day. Adding much vibrancy and goodness to this festival, a large lamp is lit called the Maha Deepam to preach the name of Lord Shiva and seek his blessings. Embracing happiness and warding off negativity, this festival is all about having quality family time over sharing smiles, giggles and over relishing good food and desserts from some cake bakery in Chennai.

women decorating home on karthigai deepam festival

4. Jallikattu Bull Festival

Every festival has got its own charm and a person knows about it by imbibing its goodness. Celebrated in the month of January and on the third day of Pongal, Jallikattu is all about taming a bull. More like it is a bull festival it is like a sport that calls for a celebration. The winners are given some prize money or are treated with medals for their participation. Moreover, the bull that wins is used for breeding and becomes highly valuable in the market. As it is like a celebration, it is celebrated with a great feast and desserts from the best bakery that offers cake delivery in Chennai efficiently to enjoy this festival with great pomp and shows.

jallikattu bull festival in Chennai