Live It Up By Decorating Your House With These Houseplants

Every little thing in life demands a change for its betterment! So, does our home sweet home! Renovating homes makes any home energy-efficient, makes us inspect cracks in the corners and most importantly, improves the style, comfort, enjoyment, and value of our home. Earlier, the concept of renovation used to mostly happen around festivals like Diwali, Holi and other such festivals to bring in the good, positive festive vibes. But now, it happens all round the year and whenever one feels the need to renovate or remodel their houses for a change.

Best Home Decor Plants

Undoubtedly, ornamental household plants are those Lil living things which takes the decor of your house to the next level. But before bringing a plant home, you need to figure out various factors like where to place it, what kind of plant qualities are you looking for, what are its care requirements, etc., on this basis you can go ahead by choosing some air-purifying plants, succulents, foliage or of some other kind that blesses us with its goodness. Every household plant is has got its own different charm which has got some good innate qualities like, one shall find some of the best indoor plants for clean air while some other plants will be there too, which blesses us with the good “Chi”. So, here are a few best plants for the home that you might like to consider

1. Snake Plant

Getting its name from its straight, upright patterned leaves, this plant is something which suits every home decor and requires minimal attention. Snake Plant prefers bright light and can survive lower light levels. It belongs to the air-purifying variety because of its unique property of filtering out nasty chemicals, like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene.

Snake Plant

2. Pothos Plant

Referred to as the cubicle plant, this plant can grow to over 10 feet long. It is one of the most popular houseplants because of it requiring less care. Interestingly, it grows well in water, as well. Just like a snake plant, pothos plant is also an air-purifying plant.

Pothos Plant

3. Dracena Plant

If you don’t have the time to nurture a plant, then you can absolutely go ahead and choose this variety. Dracena easily adapts to different light environments, though it's best to keep it away from direct sun. Do you remember the Song of India plant? Well, it was of this Dracena plant variety.

Dracena Plant

4. Peace Lily

Requiring a bit more attention than any other houseplant, peace lily plant variety is something which blesses you with its good sleep properties. Also, like a snake plant and pothos plant, it tends to make the air clean, that we breathe. The soil of this plant has to be somewhat moist and the plant needs to be placed in a bright but shady spot.

 Peace Lily

4. Green Philodendron

Its royalness is not just made explicit just by its name, but also by its heart-shaped beautiful leaves. It can be versatilely placed as a hanging plant as well as a potted plant in your balcony or somewhere indoors. It is said to be one of the easiest houseplants to be grown. Unlike other air-purifying plants, philodendrons only filter formaldehyde from the air, we breathe.

Green Philodendron

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