10 Easy Care Indoor Plants Your Lazy Friend Can Deck Up The Room With

Plants deck up any space they are kept in. No wonder they are no more a thing of the garden but kept indoors too for the life and positivity they bring to the house. The colour, the scent and the health benefits they possess are perfect for any decor. Besides, they add a dramatic touch and can serve as a focal point of the room.

If your friend has earned the title as a brown thumb, we don’t blame him. It might be the choice of houseplants that could be a trouble. But the happy news about indoor plants is that not all of them are high maintenance.

 Low maintenance plants to liven up the room

For a vibrant indoor, below mentioned are the best indoor plants that you can confidently gift a friend who is a plant lover but hates being up on feet 24x7. Here you go:

1. ZZ Plants

This tall stalk indoor plant can be easily neglected at home. It is deep green with rubbery leaves and won’t mind being left alone. It requires a moderate level of sunlight but can thrive in low light too which also makes it one of the best plants for home and offices.

 ZZ Plants

2. Pothos

Here’s the ‘most popular’ houseplant that won’t mind even if the soil dries out. It’s quite hardy and looks pretty which makes it a home plant people often choose to deck their homes with. This indoor plant requires low light (and less attention!)


3. Kalanchoe

This indoor flowering plant requires minimal tending and stays its very best. It can also be a perfect hanging indoor plant and would require to be watered only when the top inch of the soil dries out.


4. Bamboo

Bamboos actually make ideal housewarming present. If your friend has just moved into a new house, gifting bamboo can be a great option to bring him luck, peace and love. This low maintenance indoor plant can be placed in the window for ample sunlight.


5. Chinese Evergreen

With speckles and stripes, the Chinese Evergreen can withstand a lot. This rock solid plant requires medium to low light and need to be watered when the soil goes dry. Your novice indoor gardener friend would look like an expert as Chinese Evergreen doesn’t require much care.

Chinese Evergreen

6. Ponytail Palm

This indoor plant has an interesting name because of its skinny leaves which sprout from the stalk that is thick to hold water. It doesn’t need anyone to spend a lot of time caring for it and definitely makes a great show.

Ponytail Palm

7. Air Plants

This unique houseplant would keep its caretaker happy for it requires NO SOIL and NO WATER to thrive. Literally, you can hang it mid air or place it on your shelf and forget. Just dunk them in water every 10 days for 2 to 3 hours and all’s sorted.

 Air Plants

8. Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a very low maintenance small houseplant that you would be fond of as it doesn’t require much sunlight and can handle occasional over and under watering. Besides, the fragrance it fills the room with is a bonus to keep your mood perfect.

Peace Lily

9. Snake Plant

Snake plant tops the list of ‘most tolerant plants.’ These can be neglected for a week at length and still manage to look fresh. With their strappy leaves and architectural shape, they definitely stand out.

Snake Plant

10. Succulent

These geometric beauties never go out of trend. They have thick leaves which can store water for weeks. Succulents come in a variety and make perfect small indoor plants and enjoy sunlight and dry air.