Get Inspired by These 10 Epic 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

So the most special man in your life is turning 40? Now turning 40 is a massive milestone for anyone. It is your duty as a partner to make the celebration of his 40th birthday all the more impressive. The one question that is ever-present and always a concerning point in such a situation is the perfect 40th birthday gifts for men from which to take your pick. Throwing a get together or an intimate dinner party may be thoughtful and well appreciated by your beloved. However, no birthday celebration is perfect without a gorgeous gift.

10 Epic 40th birthday gift ideas

Photo calendars

A photo calendar provides an ideal way to display numerous photographs in one convenient and even functional gift item. You can customise every single page of the calendar, including the front cover. Pick a picture for each monthly page and add a caption for each photo. You can also decide on an image to use on the front cover as well as a title. You can use one of your monthly pictures again if you wish, or add a completely different photo to make the design cover as unique as the gift itself.

Photo albums

A photo album is another ideal way to display numerous photos. Personalise the front cover and even receive a display tin or presentation box that really shows the item off to the most significant possible effect. Photo albums give you or the recipient the chance to add your photos, and this can be a great way to update old pictures, keep them safe, and store them, so they don't get damaged.

Photo albums for 40th birthday gift

Photo Books

The photo book is a great looking and even more convenient alternative to the photo album. Rather than adding your pictures by hand, select the images you want to be printed on every page and let the photo gift printing company do the rest of the work. The standard layout, which offers an elegant and excellent looking finish, is to have a single photo printed on each of the high-quality glossy paper sides. However, you can also opt to create your own designs to enjoy exactly the effects you want.

Digital photo frames

To display photos and pictures around the home, you no longer need to have framed photos hanging from walls or sat on your mantelpiece. The digital photo frame is one of the modern equivalents and is more convenient and contemporary. Also, a digital photo frame has the benefit of holding hundreds of different pictures. The recipient can choose to display a single picture or display them all in a slideshow with a certain number of seconds between pictures.

Digital photo albums

Digital photo albums are another excellent use of modern technology and make a perfect 40th birthday gifts for men or women. Choose dozens of photographs and have them preloaded onto the photo album. The album itself is designed to look like a modern look but traditional style of a photo album, as though you can pass the album round from one person to the next and everybody can flick through the pages of photographs. As with the digital photo frame, you can preload images. The recipient can display these pictures in a slideshow format or manually flick through the photographs when enjoying a sentimental walk down memory lane.

Engraved pen

Stationary, when engraved with the name of your love of life, is all the more special. A man of 40 years will appreciate the value and thought that went behind acquiring something as customised as an engraved stationery supply. Getting him a valuable fountain pen or a leather cased diary is especially more thoughtful as he could be highly motivated regarding his career.

Desserts and cakes

If your man is a big dessert addict, then this is your sure shot way to get him to love you even more! Birthdays are incomplete without cakes. And, what better option than to get a theme embossed birthday cake for men? You can get in touch with the online bakery and have the cake home delivered right to your doorstep. The cake can also be designed according to your boyfriend's preference. A man of 40 will have some exquisite taste. With online bakeries, you can get your hands on the coolest designs and theme based cakes and deliver it to your man at midnight!

Desserts and cakes for 40th birthday

An experience

Does your man enjoy magic shows and other such live performances? You can now hire an entertainer for a private personal and intimate show with your better half and other friends who show up for the party. The venue can be anywhere you wish it to be. Just call in the performer, and you are golden! Your man gets to enjoy a private performance at the comfort of his house.

Potted plants

Among all the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men, this one seems to do very well with most recipients. If your man is a gardener by heart, you cannot simply go wrong with this option as a potential birthday gift. Plants bring a burst of freshness to the abode. A bit of greenery, after all, adds the 'oomph' value to the room. You can, of course, take your pick among the different types of plants that are available.

Gift hampers

Now, remember, there are many gift hamper categories that you can dive into. However, it is always better to get a combination of all the things your man likes and create a gift basket of those specific goodies. That way you can impress your boyfriend.

By the time a man turns 40, he has already done much of the self-exploration. He has refined taste and knows what exactly he would like for his birthday. Have an exact conversation and get to know him a little better. That is the secret to good gift-giving.

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