Best Valentine Gifts for the Real Superhero of Your Life

The Apple of my eye, a phrase often used for our loved ones and mostly our lovers. Men may not always turn to such lengthy and heartfelt nicknames, but women surely take their pleasure calling their husbands with such names. For these cuties in our lives that take all our tantrums with a smile and just a smile, ignoring all our actions, a day in their name is a must to be celebrated. The day we are talking about is a very popular valentines day. Husbands may be cute, innocent, loving, sometimes childish too, but above they are our heroes. Each girl looks up to her man paralleling him with her father. A woman looks for all the qualities of her father in her husband. And only then she goes from one hero to another.

Best Valentine Giftsyou’re your Real Superhero

To celebrate these heroes of our lives, our husbands, let's plan out a grand valentines day with gifts and gestures.

1. Cakes

A cake is a must-have for Valentine's day celebration. There is absolutely nothing that can match the effect of a cake in a celebration. To have a cake don't just go for an ordinary pineapple or chocolates pick from the exotic category of cakes. Written below are some scrumptious cake choices for you.

• Orange and vanilla

• Red velvet cake

• Oreo cake

• Cake with rose swirls

• Lopsided cake

• Heart-shaped cakes

• Rainbow cake

• Gems cake

valentines gift

These are just a few options to advise you on to introduce you to the extent of crazy and exotic you can go with best cake baker's in the cake world.

2. Exotic Vacation

A Valentine special gift for him, for this hero who works day and night outside and for the family as well, a few days of no work and only chill can't be such a bad idea. For the same, an exotic vacation is the one to go for where he has nothing to worry about varying from expenses to itinerary. Be the hero and let him take a seat back and have a great time with you and himself.

Exotic vacation

You can pick a local destination or can go on an extravagant vacation all away from the land. The budget, the location and the weather are three major parameters to worry about rest is good to go.

3. A Nice Pantsuit

For the valentines day and for other times and meetings in their office lives, they can use a nice looking and pleasing pantsuit. But keeping valentines day the main event, you can pink a sleek matte black suit for your husband for him to flaunt the all-black look like a hero.

If your husband is one to go for unique designs even with the most basic requirements, socks per se pick something out of the box yourself. Keep it as crazy or as subtle as he likes.

4. A Self-written Poem

Apart from all the materialistic valentine day gift for him, men can also use a gesture-full present at times, for instance, a self-written poem. Write it with heart and don't take any hints from Google. Write what comes to your heart and leave the rest on fate. No denying, a handwritten love note or poem is one of the most adored valentine's day gifts. You can express your hearty love and emotions to the fullest with a soulful poem that can instantly bloom the heart of your man.

self-written poem

Even if the most beautiful piece of art does not come out of your effort, it will still be full of love and lovable forever.

5. Take Him Out for His Hobby

There's always a thing that husbands love to do, but it just isn't the cup of tea for their wives. You too must also have one such point of difference in your relationship. Cover the distance between you through this hobby on panties day. Take him out for what he loves to do.

It can be a video game, bungy jumping, skydiving or a bike ride. Even if all he wants to do, I slay at the beach let him go for it and not just that go along like a true companion.