Do You Have A Perfectly Compatible Relationship? Find Out Here!

A famous psychotherapist Dr. Tessina explains that there are no obvious skills that couples need to have in order to enjoy a perfect relationship. It depends from person to person. So, it leaves us to wonder that when even a PhD in psychotherapy cannot answer this question, who will!

But we were pretty adamant to find the correct answer. This led us to critical research and surveys from psychologists, counselors, and happy couples. So, guess what did we find? We found a list of 11 traits that perfect couples share.

The Perfect Couple Checklist

Here’s the checklist you need to be sure that your partner and you are a perfect and compatible pair. Read On!

1. Know what you want from life

Before understanding if you are compatible for each other, you need to analyze what exactly you want from life. If you are sure about your partner, only then can you strive to have a perfect relationship.

2. Communicate and discuss feelings with each other

This doesn’t just imply that you talk to each other rather hold meaningful conversations with each other. You take interest in each other’s problems and take charge to help them find a solution. Discussing your feelings is important.

3. Feel like the relationship benefits you

While this is obvious, mentioning the same was needed. Relationship is a means of being happy and contended. There’s no point being a relationship when one of you feels benefitted and the other feels bound.

Perfect Relationship is a means of being happy and contended

4. Work as a Team to make the relationship work

If two people want the relationship to work, they can’t make it happen unless they contribute equally to the relationship. The feelings are mutual and so must be the efforts.

5. Complete each other’s shortcomings

As they say, ‘a perfect couple must complete each other’, you must both fill in the gaps in each other’s personalities.

Complete each other’s shortcomings to have a perfect relationship

6. Respect each other’s opinions as much as your own

The perfect couples understand their partners and respect their opinions. They try to understand each other’s perspectives than coming in their way.

7. Settle common psychological grounds

This might sound a little ambiguous and impossible but this is how it is. You don’t have to dream of same things but you need to agree upon certain things as to what you want from life.

8. Make efforts to spend time together

No matter what happens, always make efforts to spend time for each other. With time, as responsibilities grow, things would be difficult but enjoying together, sharing smiles and tears shouldn’t be kept on the backseat.

Make efforts to spend time together for having a perfect relationship

9. Handle conflict in a compatible and respectful manner

Always keep a problem-solving approach during conflicts. Rather than wasting your time and energy on blaming the other person, act maturely and find the solution.

10. Forgive each other because you want to

Do not do it as a gesture of gratitude, but because you want to. Forgive the people who mean to you, let things go and move on.

 Forgive your partner, let things go and move on for having a perfect relationship

11. Want the best for each other

There’s nothing like a competition between the perfect pair. The relationship is based on love, respect and admiration. The happiness and success of your partner should matter to you.

But more so, the perfect couple never fails to make each other feel special. They surprise each other and fill their lives with happiness. So, if you are striving to become the perfect couple, send them a love-filled message along with gorgeous flowers saying how much they mean to you.