Find Out What Do Different Colors Of Orchids Mean

A Blossoming Orchid is Nature’s Warm Smile …

With over 25000 species, encompassing 880 genera around the globe, the stunning Orchid is an abundant species. Of these, the most famous Orchid is the moth orchid. Unlike most round-shaped flowers, Orchid is a spectacular flowering plant with petals shaped geometrically and showcases a multitude of colors and orchid color meaning.

Meaning of Different Colors of Orchid Flowers

Orchids Symbolism and Representation

Orchids got their name from a Greek word, 'orkhis', representing the male anatomy. Therefore, owing to the name, orchids have long been associated with fertility, sexuality and virility. Further, coupled with their exotic appearance, history speaks that they have long been associated with love, perfection and passion. In the Victorian era, orchids were also considered a symbol of luxury and wealth.

Different Colors of Orchids Signify A Different Meaning

The stunning and exotic flowers make wonderful bouquets and arrangements. Since each color of orchids means something else, they form ideal presents for your loved ones for all beautiful occasions. Each color of Orchid conveys a different and meaningful message to your special ones.

Let’s Find Out What Exactly Does Each Color Of Orchids Symbolize

Orchids are available in almost every color of the rainbow, which further adds to the list of reasons for their admiration and historical significance. Like each color of carnation symbolize different meanings, different colors of Orchids also signify a different meaning.

So, what is the meaning of orchids by color?

1. Blue Orchid

Starting with the rarest find, the blue Orchid represents spirituality and contemplation. And of course, a rarity. This rare blue Orchid is a perfect gift for your mother or beloved.

 Meaning of Blue Orchid Flower

2. Purple Orchid

Purple Orchid color symbolizes respect, royalty and admiration. gifting a bouquet of purple orchids is a natural way of expressing your respect and reverence to someone you truly admire.

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Purple Orchid - What Purple Orchid Flower Resemble

3. Red Orchid

Holding the reputation of being the 'Universal color of desire and passion', Red Orchids are the perfect present who sweeps you off your feet and makes you hot under the collar.

 Red Orchid Flowers- What Does They Signify

4. Pink Orchid

The lovely pink Orchid is symbolic of grace and femininity. It also represents innocence and admiration that you have for the recipient. Gift them to someone you really adore.

Pink Orchid Flowers - What Does They Stand For

5. White Orchid

White is the color of purity, beauty and elegance. And white orchids convey the same message. It is the ideal present for a baby shower or for the birth of a child.

 White Orchid Flower Meaning

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6. Yellow Orchids

The color of happiness and cheer, yellow is the traditional symbol of friendship. Yellow orchids bouquet is perfect to be gifted to a friend on some grand achievement or as a gesture of assurance.

Yellow Orchids - What Does They Represent

7. Orange Orchids

Orange Orchids are symbolic of enthusiasm and boldness. These can be gifted to someone for some daring act and bold performance.

Orange Orchids - What Does They Depict

8. Green Orchids

Green is the color of nature and life. A bouquet of green-coloured Orchid conveys the wishes of longevity, good fortune, and happy blessings.

Meaning of Green Color Orchid Flower

An Extra Doze Of Information – Interesting Facts About the Orchid

  • The size of the world's smallest Orchid is only 2 mm wide, implying that its flowers are only a single-cell thick. That's something!
  • The only continent in which orchids are not found is Antarctica.
  • The growth of Orchids highly relies on their symbiotic relationships with fungi. This makes them highly adaptable to a wide variety of ecosystems.
  • Traditionally, among the different color orchids Pink Orchid is gifted to a couple on their 14th and 25th wedding anniversary.