What Do The Different Colors of Carnations Symbolize?

Beautifully described as Gentle, Graceful and Glorious, carnation is a meaningful and expressive flower choice. Scientifically speaking, carnation is a species of Dianthus Caryophyllus. The name 'dianthus' comes from Greek and translates to "heavenly flower" or "the flower of love".

As per a Christian legend, the first carnations bloomed on Earth when Jesus carried the Cross. Witnessing Jesus’ plight, Mother Mary started to shed tears, and pink carnations sprang up from where her tears fell. Thus, the pink carnation symbolism is of a mother's undying love. In the ancient times, the predominant colours of carnations were pink and peach, however, over the ages, the variety of hues widened to red, white, yellow, purple, and even green.

Find out what different meanings Beautiful Carnations convey

With so many colors on the palette, and each color of Carnation signifying a different meaning, let’s unravel the mystery:

What do different colors of Carnations mean?

1. Red Carnations

The color red has long been associated with feelings of love and admiration. It has become synonymous to ‘love’. In the ancient days, the red carnation flower meaning is socialism.

  • Light Red Carnations are presented to convey admiration and adoration. They do not necessarily represent the strong, passionate emotions of love, rather a softer and subtle expression.
  • Dark Red Carnations enunciate the profound sentiments of love and affection. They have a similar meaning as that of Red Roses, however, traditionally speaking, Red Roses epitomize love.
Meaning of Red Carnations - What do they signify

2. Pink Carnations

They primarily symbolize fondness and motherly love. As stated earlier, pink carnations were first bloomed when Mother Mary wept as Jesus carried the cross. Since then, the color pink exemplifies protective motherly love

  • Light pink carnation color meanings are of Mother-like love and express gratitude.
  • Dark Pink Carnations are presented to express tenderness and fondness. In some cases, they can also be used to express sentiments of blooming love on a first date.
Pink Carnation - What pink carnations stands for

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3. White Carnations

White is a color of purity and good luck. Likewise, presenting white carnations to someone conveys the message of pure love and prosperous life. It can be presented to elders on their birthdays or to someone starting something new in life.

 White Carnation - What pink carnations symbolize

4. Purple Carnations

These flowers indicate capriciousness, implying purple carnations usually convey condolence for the unfortunate circumstance. They can also be presented to seek an apology.

Purple Carnation - What Purple carnations resemble

5. Yellow Carnations

The yellow carnation meaning is negative for the recipient. They convey a word of ‘disappointment’ and even rejection. You should present them to someone you dislike or if you want to break up.

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Yellow Carnation - Know what yellow carnations express

We are sure that with the color specific meanings illustrated above, you have become well-educated about the meanings and significance of different colors of Carnations. Make a wise pick for your loved ones!