Hardships of a Long-distance Relationship

Relationships are what makes up a man and a woman who they are. Since our first breath, we have some relationships that will always be there till the time we take our last breath. Whereas some relationships are self-made, such relations have their roots based on trust, love, loyalty, and understanding. And, if you also have one such special relationship that is made by you and can be named as “the Love of your Life” than, this blog might help you, be in it.

Long-distance Relationship

Self-made relationships come with certain norms and conditions. Most of these norms and conditions are just for fun's sake whereas some others are meant to keep things healthy between two people involved in the relationship. And not forgetting one of the most significant parts of relationships, i.e., most of the time, they are long-distance relationships.

Come, let us have a look at some of the hardships of an LDR that is most of the time there and is quite sweet if taken otherwise. Along with that, we are also giving some genuine advice that makes things better between you two.

No Message- Communications are what makes an LDR worth having but unless anything else, excessive communications over a message leads to misunderstandings. This often drives to arguments and eventually heads to a timeless conflict separating the couple.

Pro-Advice- Message when you cannot call and call when you think you have something to share, no matter good or bad. And as Valentine Gifts for Husband/ Boyfriend/ Wife/ Girlfriend, you can go for a phone with amazing picture quality to have video calls.

Distance Matters- As said by someone anonymously- If you plan to live together, first try and live apart. Well, distances help you understand the person on others in a way that living together would never teach you. You learn to be patient and value each other's time and advice.

Pro-Advice- As said, “I would rather be here, far from you, but feeling really close, rather than close to you but feeling far away.” – Emma, Glee Season 4.

Talk Dirty- Nobody can refute the fact that sexual favors are always a great spice to add up in a relationship. But, what to do when you are in an LDR? Well, use your imagination and talk dirty with the one you love. Sexting is as usual as traditional texting in a couple, and there is no harm.

Pro-Advice- Try and do sexting on days where both of you have either a good mood or things that are bit messed you between you two. Do not overdo it as it may also lead to tensions between you two.

Read the Vibes- Our intuitions often aware us of the possibility of something wicked happening shortly. Listen to your gut feeling very carefully and take it seriously as sometimes it happens that you vibe the wrong before your partner faces it. Share your fear with them and warn them about the same.

Pro-Advice- Do not hesitate before you open your mouth while sharing your intuitions with the one who is miles apart but close to heart. Sometimes, your gut feeling can save them from big trouble.

Honesty Policy- Well, being honest to the one you love is always important, be it in an LDR or a traditional relationship. Your honesty acts like the root of your relationship and helps build more trust in the eyes of the other person. This can also act as one of the greatest Gifts for Husband or Wife, who lives miles apart.

Pro-Advice- Always share your outing plans with family and friends to your partner. Help him/her know where you are going and with whom so that he can rely on the company you have and can relax while you are out partying.

So, these were among some stereotypes, every couple in a relationship goes through and we hope that through our pro advice, you could make it work any better.