What It Is To Be Like A Live-In Relationship In India

The concept of live-in relationship develops from the pervasive mindset of those who yearn for compatibility relationships. A couple is said to be in a live-in relationship when they cohabit without marriage. There is no legal definition in Indian law to describe the hypothesis as a live-in relationship. In India, live-in relationships are still considered wishy-washy.

Live in relationship in India

Today, every millennium believes that the bond that binds marriage is very obligatory for them. And a choice in a relationship that resembles marriage but without its obligations and responsibilities. This is when the live-in relationship engages. This arrangement is usually entered into by consent, either to test compatibility before marriage or simply to avoid the hassles of a formal marriage. Keeping in mind the reason, the number of couples who choose a live-in relationship before marriage is increasing. They enjoy being in the relationship as there is no fear of getting divorced, there is mutual respect, lesser responsibilities, and the main issue is no legal hassles. The couple lives as a married couple and celebrates each occasion with love, be it an anniversary, birthday or valentine’s day and maybe more. They go on a date and give romantic gifts to each other to celebrate the day of love.

millennium relation

The live-in relationship feels very cool and modern when we watch Bollywood movies or say adult TV series. They are off-beat yet unique in their way. The couples living together learn a lot about each other. They become so accustomed to each other's company and more than anything, it is the kick that offers a live-in relationship. This is the kick that keeps it going.

It may sound cliché as live-in relationships are mostly mimicked as happy-go-lucky and, the couple enjoys it in the movies. Celebrating 1st year anniversary and gifting each other naughy gifts. But what is it like to live in a live-in relationship in India? Well, it is full of highs and lows. Living with someone, not knowing if they will always be there, is a test of how committed you can be to them.

There are a lot of things a couple living together has to face-

Dealing with family

Your family is the first problem, as they see that marriage is a commitment and a restraint from responsibility. Dealing with family is one of the major hurdles, no wonder that most couples living in live-in relationships in India hide this fact from their family. Yes, this is the way that, no matter how much you try for your family, you would love to live in denial.

Dealing with the family

House Hunting

In addition to the emotional and mental turmoil of dealing with family and friends, a live-in couple is unfriendly with their first hard-hiccup, i.e. finding a home to stay in. When they go house hunting, the very first question, the broker or landlord will ask you- "Are you single or married?". Live-in couples are left with limited options as an answer and lying seems the most appropriate. To add to the woes, most of the householders accumulate big bucks or become aggressive when they find that the couple is looking for a house, desperately.

Here are some things that couples have experienced while being in a live-in relationship

House Hunting

You will be shameless

The couple in a live-in relationship indeed becomes shameless with each other, is not that true? They shower together, dance together, or one is showering the other one is dancing. Sometimes roam naked together.


Having sex is very Normal

Couple tend explore each other physically and mentally. They get close to each other and make love by trying different ways to have sex with each other and take intimacy to a new level. It is a different feeling. Sometimes good different, sometimes bad different.

Sex is normal

Adopt Partner's habits

You start adapting to each other habits like starts smoking or misusing money, leaving a wet towel on the bed and many other things.

Partner Habit

There will be quarrels over who will do the household chores

The other thing that couples fight over in a live-in relationship is fighting over household chores like cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, washing clothes, etc. And a lot of small things like - brushing in the same bin, sharing the same rack, fighting for space in front of the mirror, waking him up in the morning, fighting who would open the door for the maid, husband- Pretend to be a wife, dry our clothes together, etc.

Household Chores

"Being in a live-in relationship means that you get to know the good, bad and ugly things about each other”.