10 Most Relatable Things That Every Couple Feels On Karwa Chauth

All day long fasting, pretty lehengas, and sherwanis, and last of all, Sargi rituals, the festivity of Karwa Chauth celebrates the holy union of a couple. However, when the world thinks of this festivity as a sacred mania with a pretty long wait for the moon rise and fulfilling the fast with drool-worthy delicacies, there’s something not so relatable that goes in the heads of lovebirds. For sure, they wish to celebrate the festivity just the way it should have been relished, but there’s a lot more to it.

Couple Feels While Celebrating Karwa Chauth

You might have guessed a few of them already! However, if you haven’t, well, the following are sure to boggle your mind and if you are one of the couples, hope you can relate to these.

1. A pure ecstasy of how they wish to celebrate the day.

To everyone, it might be about getting dressed, wear the finest jewelry and sit in the Sargi ceremony, but to them, it all about love and togetherness.


2. Karwa Chauth Blues!

The traditions might have been hard on her, but the hunger pangs are the toughest one to deal.

3. Can’t Keep Calm, No Gungats On

Sure, her crop top has been replaced by a fancy blouse, but our modern womaniyeah still doesn’t understand the Ghungat concept.

4. When she asks if you wish to fast too.

Karwa Chauth is always a great day to talk to about gender equality among both the married and unmarried couples.

5.Nothing else but Pizzas, Burgers, Plates of Pasta!

She might not think of these during her daily workout days, but Karwa Chauth comes as a curse when her inner demon awakens.

6. A small talk about mandatory traditions.

When he promised you a world of happiness, he forgot to promise you a world where the age-old traditions wouldn’t come along.

7. Wait for moonrise in their own way

No couple wishes to go office or spend time on a Sargi ceremony, they just want to spend quality under the sky, watch the stars, and talk about love.

8. Another day of her losing her mind.

Unlike normal days, the earth may rotate differently on Karwa Chauth but your girl is still gonna crib about little things like the way she always does.

9. To them, the whole day is all about waiting.

Waiting for the traditions to come to a cease, waiting for the table full of food, waiting for the moon to come, waiting for bedtime, the day is all about waiting and waiting.

10. Leave them alone!

No matter if there are thousands of traditions or infinite of them, each and every couple wants to celebrate it discreetly.