Know why fasting is important to Hindus

“A diet changes the way you look, fasting changes the way you see.”

Some call fasting a spiritual discipline. Some call it an effortless way to lose inches. Some believe that starving assists to repent for sins. A single word with infinite connotations, fasting means differently in different walks of lives. However, often associated with religious aspect, fasting is one such gospel practice that is wholeheartedly followed by Hindus. There are rituals, prayers with healthy eatables to stir up its zeal. It is an utmost dedication to commit to their gods and goddesses that enables to overcome the deeply embedded habits, thereby, releasing the powers of godliness into the lives.

Why Fasting is Important in Hinduism

Apart from renewing the spiritual relationship with the holy spirit, fasting motivates all of us to go against the grain and do the impossible. However, the following are a few noted things as to why fasting is important for Hindus and how it has become an eminent part of our everyday lives. Keep scrolling!

1.Fasting Is Truly A Great Source Of Power

Taking control of our drives is what fasting aims to do. Beginning from our eating habits to changing the fact that we aren’t as fragile as we think we are, fasting change our lifestyle by rooting out the hurdles from deep within and bless us with an endless source of power and wisdom.

Fasting is Truly A Great Source Of Power

2.Not Just A Physical Discipline, Fasting Can Be A Spiritual Feast

Of course, skipping meals results in loss of body weight, but, it sets the body on the ascend of spiritual power, virtue, and faith. One gains endurance, perseverance, and poise. A barbecue of power, fasting can delight your senses and treat you well.

3.Starving The Flesh To Feed The Soul

Often in life, to gain big, you gotta lose small. True to the statement, fasting involves abiding by the rule-s strictly and depriving yourself of the regular intakes. However, this helps you trade in a great deal of energy, knowledge, and self-power in exchange for the necessary starvation.

Starving The Flesh to Feed The Soul

4.For A Greater Physical And Mental Efficiency

Many of us think that fasting leads to a lethargic body and one is unable to concentrate. However, the fact lies that a highly efficient mind with an accurate ability to overcome every obstacle, resolve issues, and emerge stronger is what you get in return.

5.Fasting Change Hearts And Minds

Fasting and praying can melt hearts, charge up minds, and holds the power to bring forth the desired revolution. It can induce a great deal of modesty, empathy, and humility. Fasting humbles and elates our spirits and helps to understand others better.

 Fasting Change Hearts And Minds

6.Spiritual Freedom Beyond Our Appetites

Our daily routine locks down our ability and chains us leaving us incapable and powerless. However, it is the fasting that sets our souls free and helps us relish freedom in every way. One is liberated from daily worries with a slow release of wisdom.

Spiritual Freedom Beyond Our Appetites

7.Another Way To Repent For The Deeds

There’s also a religious reason behind fasting. The age-old manuscripts convey people that fasting makes us more sensitive to the unseen realities and one is able to confess fully and thus, repent deepens. One is able to atone for the sins and at the same time draw god near to oneself. A hunger for god, a hunger for repentance, fasting has endless religious cravings.

Another Way to Repent for The Deeds