10 Naughty Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Make Your Man Blush

In movies, finding a perfect wedding anniversary gift is shown as the duty of the husband only, and he is always the one who put efforts to make the anniversary a memorable one. But those wives who all are reading this, you deserve applause because you are putting efforts to make your man blush. Simple wedding anniversary gifts are a routine thing. With your choice of gift, you can keep the romance alive, and the gifts that we are sharing below will surely bring intimacy to your wedding life and the wide naughty smile on your hubby's face.

 anniversary gift by year

Don't feel shy about going through the gifts no matter what the number of years you will be celebrating. And if you are the one seeking a romantic 1 year anniversary gift, the list below is definitely arranged for you.

Naughty Greeting Card -

In love and romance, something should never be said, but the couple means them. The line you can read in the picture is surely something that your intimate side wants to express. Take a greeting card and make it a naughty anniversary gift by writing the line in it.

 Naughty Greeting Card

Our Dirty Secret Game -

Many couples around the world try different things to keep the excitement in their love life on a high note. This pack of dirty secret games has many naughty things a couple can try for an intimate time. Play the game and celebrate the love like never before.

Our Dirty Secret Game

Naughty Couple Mugs -

.You surely have seen a lot of couple mug ideas, but this one is something you need to boost the romance. What you both love about each other is printed on the mugs. Just imagine the expressions on your husband's face as you surprise him when he comes back home.

 Naughty Couple Mugs

Intimate Wall Clock -

Having a wall clock in the bedroom is a normal thing but having a clock that kicks the perfect love time isn't. And you shouldn't stay normal to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Surprise your hubby when you both enter your bedroom on the night of your wedding anniversary.

 Intimate Wall Clock

The 69 Mug Set -

The number 69 can trigger a sense of naughtiness, and you surely know the obvious reason behind it. You can trigger the mood again by choosing 'THE 69 MUG SET' as the wedding anniversary gift to make your man blush. How to reveal: serve his favourite beverage in the mugs when he comes back home.

 The 69 Mug Set

Scented Candles -

Why do you think perfume advertisements always target the intimacy part of opposite genders? Well, because there is a science behind it! Light up the scented candles in your bedroom to set the mood right and tickle your hubby's heart with a lovely surprise.

 Scented Candles

Naughty To-Do List -

You can decide upon making a naughty to-do list that you will be following for the next month or week with your husband. The list gives you an opportunity to fulfil all your wild fantasies. And don't forget to add the fantasies of your hubby too. It is surely a perfect anniversary gift for husband and wife.

 Naughty To-Do List

Naughty Exchange Coupons -

Have you ever tried to have a deal with your man? Well, if not, then try having some for the sake of love and romance. And what better day to kickstart it than your wedding anniversary. It is still perfect even if you are looking for an anniversary gift by year.

 Naughty Exchange Coupons

Pillow Set -

What role do pillows play on the bed of a couple? Comfortable sleeping is a normal one and the supporter of cuddly time is the naughty one. So, why have simple pillows? Tickle your hubby's lusty side on your wedding anniversary by having this pillow set on your bed.

 Pillow Set

Naughty Print Bedsheet -

Well! Well! Well! It seems like we are too stuck on the bed, and why shouldn't we? After all, it's all about the love, romance, intimacy, and pleasure of wedding life. This naughty print bedsheet is surely something that will make him know about your naughty plans for the anniversary celebration.

 Naughty Print Bedsheet

We hope you loved the naughty anniversary gift ideas, and you will have the pleasure of your life!