How To Celebrate Friendship Day During Pandemic?

Friends are the daylight of life. Without friends, our life is incomplete for they are the only ones with whom we can share everything and who know us inside out. We all understand that this pandemic has taken a toll on us and we are unable to meet our friends for a long time now and the only way we can stay connected to them is through video calls and chats. Friendship Day is an exceptional day to impart sentiments and remarkable cling to your friends and even though we are trying our best to stay indoors and stay safe, we cannot miss an opportunity to surprise our friends and make this day a special and memorable one for them. Friendship day is seen on the primary Sunday of August consistently. Yet, with the continuous antagonism of Covid, none of you will actually want to go out and relax with your friends. Even though your friends are a long way from you, it is even more important to stay connected with friends in this time of uncertainty to motivate and support each other.

Here are a few different ways to fortify your relationship with friends during the pandemic on Friendship Day.

How To Celebrate Friendship Day During Pandemic?

1.Send Gifts

Friendship Day is the best time to surprise your friends with the things they love. You can also send them personalized gifts with your best moments together or some pampering kit and tell them how much you care for them. Thoughtful gifts will light up their state of mind and bring happiness and add spark to their day.

Send Gifts

2.Celebrate With A Cake

One of the best ways to wish happy Friendship Day to your friends is to send them a delicious sweet treat that they can enjoy. Cake is the word which always belongs to a celebration and good moments and therefore celebrating Friendship Day without a cake does not seem to be a good idea. Celebrate this friendship day with delicious cakes and let your friends get lost in the amazing flavors. Send the cake with a lovely message to make their day more memorable.

Celebrate With A Cake

3.Play Online Games Together

If you and your friends are online game freaks, why not celebrate this day by playing those games and spending time together. Many companies have made a platform where friends can play together while sitting at home. You can play Ludo, Uno, Cards etc. there are lots of games friends can play and spend the day with joy and adventure, laughing, fighting and making memories that you will always cherish.

Play Online Games Together

4.Plan A Virtual Party

Virtual parties are a lot in trend these days and this pandemic many companies have arranged a virtual party and award nights, so why not we people. Get your gang ready for an online party and have fun together. You can order food and drinks or make your virtual into a theme party, dress up fancy, make some drinks, turn on music, and arrange fun activities like dum charades, Pictionary games and more.

Plan A Virtual Party

5.Watch Movies/Shows Together

It is your best friend’s day and one of the best ways to surprise them with a gift and to make them feel special is to spend time with them. Most of the time we go and watch a movie at the theatre but this year it can’t happen. In any case, why stress! We still can watch a movie together and can share our thoughts with our friends. Netflix party and Rave are some of the apps that give the facility to watch movies with friends while sitting at home. Just grab your fav snacks & settle in.

Watch Movies/Shows Together

During the time of this pandemic, it is important that we all stay together and find interesting and fun ways to celebrate moments like Friendship Day together in style. One of the best gifts for best friends on Friendship Day is to spend time with them, talk to them and create lifetime memories together. So, make your friends feel special in every way and enjoy the day to the fullest.