10 Obliged Things We Forgot To Thank Our Siblings For!

No matter how much they piss you off or annoy you, having a sibling is like the best feeling in the world. Everyone, at some point in time, looks up to finding someone who has lived or shared their good and bad experiences with. And siblings are that accomplice in whom you would have found an unconditional, eternal friend.

Obliged Things we Forgot to Thank our Siblings for

Below, we have mentioned 10 legit reasons for which you surely have to convey a big thank you to them.

1. For Being Your Best Friend Since Day 1

A best friend is the one who has lived your life, along with you! And from sharing laughs to having a shoulder to cry on, your siblings have got it covered for you, for ages.

For being your best friend since day 1

2. For Being Protective About You

Remember the time, when a school bully tried to harass you and you were damn afraid to face that troublemaker on your own? At that moment, who stood by your side? Yes, the bold, bigger version of you had handled the situation properly. Older siblings tend to be protective out of their general tendency of having life experienced, way before than you. So, be it having personal bodyguards to making it hard to wave goodbye on your wedding day, consider yourself to be incredibly lucky!

For being protective about you

3. For Being Your Official Gossip Partner

This point does not apply to some gender-specific siblings bond, rather across all! Everyone loves to gossip or bitch about someone they like or dislike, and this is what makes the siblings bond even more special. From looking for your brother or sister across the room to getting excited to share all the bits of your day to someone who would listen, siblings are there for each other.

For being your official gossip partner

4. For Acting As Your Photographer Or Stylist

“Do I look fat?” “Does this pair of shoes go well with my dress?”, “Click a picture of me here”....” from this angle”...Take a candid shot”, these are the lines you have probably used in front of your siblings for like a zillionth time. And they would not have even hesitated to give in to your demands (wantingly or un-wantingly!)

 For acting as your photographer or stylist

5. For Keeping Your Secrets, A Secret Always

Siblings are good at keeping secrets but also great at manipulating those secrets, as and when needed! Till the time, you are sufficiently good at emotionally blackmailing them to stop them from revealing your secret, a sibling can be your absolute confidante.

For keeping your secrets, a secret always

6.For Putting Up With You Throughout Your Difficult Times

Breakups, denials, and rejections make your life worse, but these moments seem bearable when you have a supporting sibling by your side. You know no matter what happens in your life, you have got him/ her by your side, like forever! He/ she would go far to make this phrase bearable for you.

For putting up with you throughout your difficult times

7.For Dealing With Your Tantrums And Insecurities

Siblings have no choice other than bearing your tantrums and dealing with your insecurities. No matter who or what made you feel frustrated, they would take all for sadness away and help you control your temper by consoling you.

For dealing with your tantrums and insecurities

8. For Bringing Out The Weird In You

Amidst the boring family functions or trips, you would have matched up to your weirdness, other than your siblings! From mimicking together the person, who you both hate to dance in a wonderfully weird way, you and your siblings have unknowingly made some memories of a lifetime together.

For bringing out the weird in you

9. For All Those Idiotic Fights And Giggles, Thereafter

Growing older but not at all wiser is the motto of the bond shared by you both. No matter how old you become, but from fighting for sharing clothes to fighting for the TV remote to unlimited catfighting sessions, you guys have been through all (or probably through them, till now!)

 For all Those Idiotic Fights and Giggles

10. For Covering Up For You In Front Of Your Parents

Midnight sneaking out of the house or even covering up for you when you scored fewer marks, your siblings have taken care of everything like a true companion.

For covering up for you in Front of Your Parents

So, friends are who we make out of choice, but siblings are like a friend who has to stick around without having a choice. Siblingshood is said to be the most incredible and stable relationship, that a human has been blessed with, for a lifetime.