Ways to Tell Your Crush Likes You Back

To make your crush notice you

People lie if they say they have never been in love or have not liked someone. Come on, we are humans and we are born with a tendency to fall for things that bring a smile to our faces and peace to our souls. Once in a lifetime, we do fall in love with someone intensely. Whereas on the other side, we also have a lot of crushes that resides deep in our mind, all day and all night long. As soon as we start reaching the mid of our teenage years, we are surrounded by faces that are shaping amazingly well. The looks, the style, the attitude of the opposite gender is something that makes us go mad over them. “Love is in the Air” is an old saying but actually “Love is in the Age” is what we believe.

To Know each-other by body language

The life of every college-going adult is pretty much the same. Their mind revolves all-around being friends with the opposite gender and dating the hottest person they can. Also, having a crush on someone is pretty common in humans, without any age limit. So come and explore with us certain ways to know if your crush likes you back? Stay back on this page and explore some fun facts like how to make your crush notice you or maybe to find out if you are dating the right person.

Sign of crush over each other

1. Body Language

Well, this aspect about humans is not applicable just in case of crush but otherwise too. To know if your crush is into you, all you need to be is a good observer and notice if he/she gets nervous or hyper, exactly the way you get when they are around. Reading somebody’s body language helps us to know the person in a better way. If he gets a bit uneasy or uncomfortable in your presence, it is a sign that he has a crush on you.

Spending sweet time with a crush

2. Eye Contact

This is another aspect that can help you read what a person might think of you. Reading human gestures is all the game you need to specialize in and this is the only way that will help you know about what others think of you. While you are in conversation with that special someone or even if you are not, just notice their eye contact and you will know yourself if things are messing with his heart as well.

 Making eye contact

3. Light Touch

If someone is interested in you and they feel comfortable around you, then it has to be in the form of sweet gestures. If you feel that they try to be a little touchy but in a positive way then you can sense it as another positive sign of your crush being interested in you. Safe touch is something very crucial in every human communication, if you feel unsafe or weird when someone touches you the wrong way or unnecessarily, even if he/she is a crush, you need to be awake and very much quick in leaving such people and their company. Remember, in the race of ‘how to get my crush to like me back’, do not fall for someone who has bad intentions against you.

Touching your crush

4. Feet/ Face Toward You

Well, this may sound a little stupid, but it works. Generally, it happens, if someone is comfortable with you or if they are into you they tend to talk to you, standing in front of you. Now someone stands in front of you with their feet in the direction of yours. And if not standing, then notice if they sit with their chair pointing in your direction. If you calculate, this is the simplest logic that to see someone we like, we either stand straight to them or sit towards the direction of their seat, just to ensure that we have a clear look at that person throughout the day or so.

Facing Feet Toward the Crush

So these are the few body language facts which you can use to assure yourself whether you would like to go a step ahead and gift them a Flower bouquet on their birthday or you would just go like other people are going, empty hand. But do not worry or bother if all these signs go against your will as good things take time. And also you need to take your time as well to turn that crush of your life into the love of your life. Take your sweet time and let the understanding gets better.

Also, a lot of people often end up with a crush as their boyfriend/girlfriend. And a lot of other, end up just as friends but the later ones are still to get the true love of their life. So do not get upset if you fall in the latter category as there is hope everywhere and you would end up with the best person in your life.

Liking Back brings a smile to face

Present that gift to your crush anyway and cherish the time you spend with that person. Life is not meant to be lived with a broken heart but with a cheerful soul. So, go get up and throw that pretty outfit on your body and step out of your house with more confidence and class, you will surely succeed in your deeds.

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