The Secret Signs Your Crush is Interested in You

To make your crush notice you

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about your crush, wondering if they feel the same way you do? Maybe you've caught them glancing your way or caught yourself overanalyzing every interaction with them.

It's natural to have these thoughts and feelings when crushing on someone. The excitement, the nervousness, and the uncertainty can all be overwhelming. But how to know if your crush likes you back or not? How can you tell if they're thinking about you as much as you're thinking about them?

The truth is, figuring out if someone likes you can be a daunting task. In fact, you might even read too much into certain signals or actions, leading to unnecessary confusion and heartache. That's why it's essential to know what to look for to gain clarity and build the courage to take the next step.

If you are also wondering, 'What are the signs that my crush likes me back?', this blog is just what you need! So, keep reading as we have put together some useful and practical ways to gauge your crush's interest in you.

To Know each-other by body language

The life of every college-going adult is pretty much the same. Their mind revolves all-around being friends with the opposite gender and dating the hottest person they can. Also, having a crush on someone is pretty common in humans, without any age limit. So come and explore with us certain ways to know if your crush likes you back? Stay back on this page and explore some fun facts like how to make your crush notice you or maybe to find out if you are dating the right person.

Sign of crush over each other

1. Body Language

Well, this aspect about humans is not applicable just in case of crush but otherwise too. To know if your crush is into you, all you need to be is a good observer and notice if he/she gets nervous or hyper, exactly the way you get when they are around. Reading somebody’s body language helps us to know the person in a better way. If he gets a bit uneasy or uncomfortable in your presence, it is a sign that he has a crush on you.

Spending sweet time with a crush

2. Eye Contact

This is another aspect that can help you read what a person might think of you. Reading human gestures is all the game you need to specialize in and this is the only way that will help you know about what others think of you. While you are in conversation with that special someone or even if you are not, just notice their eye contact and you will know yourself if things are messing with his heart as well.

 Making eye contact

3. Light Touch

If someone is interested in you and they feel comfortable around you, then it has to be in the form of sweet gestures. If you feel that they try to be a little touchy but in a positive way then you can sense it as another positive sign of your crush being interested in you. Safe touch is something very crucial in every human communication, if you feel unsafe or weird when someone touches you the wrong way or unnecessarily, even if he/she is a crush, you need to be awake and very much quick in leaving such people and their company. Remember, in the race of ‘how to get my crush to like me back’, do not fall for someone who has bad intentions against you.

Touching your crush

4. Feet/ Face Toward You

Well, this may sound a little stupid, but it works. Generally, it happens, if someone is comfortable with you or if they are into you they tend to talk to you, standing in front of you. Now someone stands in front of you with their feet in the direction of yours. And if not standing, then notice if they sit with their chair pointing in your direction. If you calculate, this is the simplest logic that to see someone we like, we either stand straight to them or sit towards the direction of their seat, just to ensure that we have a clear look at that person throughout the day or so.

Facing Feet Toward the Crush

5. Pay Attention to Their Friends

Your crush's friends can provide valuable clues about their feelings towards you. Do they seem to know who you are and show interest in getting to know you? Do they tease your crush when you're around? These could be signs that your crush has talked about you to their friends, and they might be trying to help them express their feelings. However, do keep in mind that this is not foolproof. So, it's best to also rely on your observation and interactions with your crush to determine their level of interest.

Pay Attention to Their Friends

6. They Make Time for You

Definitely keep an eye on whether your crush makes time for you, as, if interested, they'll likely try to accompany you even when busy. But, there is also a good chance they simply value your friendship or just enjoy your company. So, before you start creating scenarios in your head about your relationship or thinking about the perfect gift for him or her to seal the deal, be on the lookout for other signs too, like physical touch or compliments, to determine if they are romantically interested in you. On the flip side, if your crush constantly makes excuses or cancels plans, pursuing a relationship with you might not be on their mind.

They Make time for you

7. Conversational Cues

Another way to gauge your crush's interest is through your conversations with them. Are they asking you personal questions and showing a genuine interest in getting to know you? Do they remember details about your life and bring them up in later conversations? These are all positive signs that your crush is interested in you, especially if they do this consistently.

Conversational Cues


Spotting the signs that your crush likes you back can be an emotional roller coaster. So, take your sweet time exploring the possibilities with your crush and don't rush into anything. In fact, this is the best time to get to know them better. Remember to approach them with a curious and open mindset while being true to yourself and respecting their feelings.

And if you're feeling brave and want to express your interest and affection, consider gifting ideas that are thoughtful and personalized. But keep the context of your relationship in mind, and don't go overboard with extravagant gifts too soon. So, choose the gifts for her or him wisely, so that it doesn't make things awkward for you both later.

Also, understand that not everyone will have romantic feelings for you, so don't take it personally if your crush doesn't feel the same way. If it doesn't work out, it's okay. There are plenty of other people out there who will appreciate you for who you are.

Also, a lot of people often end up with a crush as their boyfriend/girlfriend. And a lot of other, end up just as friends but the later ones are still to get the true love of their life. So do not get upset if you fall in the latter category as there is hope everywhere and you would end up with the best person in your life.

Liking Back brings a smile to face