10 Reasons Why Diwali Is A Festival Everyone Awaits

Psst… no matter whether you are amidst a big business meeting or chilling with a cup of coffee, we know you are dreaming of Diwali like never before!

Arriving with all the dhamaka and pomp, the festival is finally here to add the much needed dazzle and shine to our mundane lives. it happens to be the favorite festival of almost all and the inevitable brilliance that the festivity holds gives us enough reasons to await this day like no other.

Diwali Celebration with Sweets and Gifts

But hello, there’s more to Diwali than just the crackers and lights. Whether or not you have ever been struck by the thought, Diwali is loved for so many other reasons. And here, we present 10 such reasons why we all wait for Diwali to come soon:

1. The Plates Loaded With Mithai

The sweet boxes are a real treat and Diwali is that one cheat day when you can say bye-bye to your diet and overindulge in a variety of delicacies with no guilt. For this day alone, you name the sweets and you find it there on your plate.

The Plates Loaded With Mithai

2. You Get To Meet Your Friends & Relatives After Ages

Diwali is one sure time when you can actually meet your friends and relatives after long. Even if everyone lives miles away, Diwali is a homecoming time for all.

Meet Your Friends & Relatives After Ages

3. Vacation Time

Everyone awaits vacations. And Diwali comes as an official mini vacation when you spend the most quality time with everyone. What better relaxation can anyone long for in life?

Vacation Time

4. Obviously, The Bright Lights

It’s the Festival Of Lights. From homes to streets, every nook and corner is lit up with candles, lights and diyas with their beauty reaching the whole new level. Nothing else can be as mood lifting as the diyas glinting like stars across the street.

Bright Lights

5. The Shopping Spree

The BUMPER SALE time arrives when everything at half the rate becomes a necessity. It’s the time you can “spend” as much as you want guiltlessly. Whether it’s the bagful of clothes, gold or an expensive gadget, you can shop your heart out.

The Shopping Spree

6. The Gifts

Our grandparents and parents are willing to pour ‘dher saara pyar’ over us on Diwali. Therefore, a Diwali gift or an envelope is always coming our way to bring that big cheer on the face.

Diwali Gifts

7. Staying Out Late Is Not Judged

Whether you are out with friends or playing teen patti, this is the day you completely own and you shall not be judged. Honestly.

Staying Out Late on Diwali

8. You Can Flaunt Your Artistic Side

From Rangoli designs to house decoration for Diwali, you have ample ways to show off your artistic side and no wonder, your efforts are sure to hog the limelight.

Flaunt Your Artistic Side

9. Everything That You Ever Lost Is Found

The compulsory house cleaning session before Diwali helps you find everything that you ever lost from the most unexpected corners. So, the next time you lose something, wait for that ‘Diwali Ki Safai’ to have it back again.

Everything That You Ever Lost Is Found

10. The Diwali Parties

You have so many Diwali parties lined up in your list that you can actually go party hopping and enjoy yourself to the fullest with one and all.

The Diwali Parties