Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For A Bright & Beautiful Home

The de‘light’ful time of the year has finally arrived. It’s time for some delicious sweets and dazzling the home with some extraordinary Diwali decorations. Diwali, indeed is that time of the year which calls for not just suiting up to the best but also sprucing up the house beautifully.

Diwali Decoration Ideas with Flowers and Lighting

Every year, you customarily invest in traditional diyas to light up the home. This year, while you are still figuring out the impressive Diwali decorations that would make your home stand out and light up the festivity like never before, here are 7 new age decor ideas for Diwali for your home.

1. Paper Lampshades

Paper lampshades are a novel oriental way of decorating the house on Diwali. They are an easy buy and available in amazing patterns and colours. Besides, the different sizes they come in lend you the option of decorating the house in any way you desire.

Paper Lampshades

2. Glass Jar Lanterns

Ever thrown away the glass jars assuming them to be useless? Well, here’s a way to give a creative spin to it. You can paint them in a variety of colours and create Moroccan style lanterns for perfect Diwali decoration.

Glass Jar Lanterns

3. Creative Rangolis

Rangolis can be created with flowers or Rangoli powder. To add uniqueness to it, you can place designer diyas for Diwali and pretty clay handicrafts to enhance the beauty and level up the traditional Diwali decoration.

Creative Rangolis

4. Flowers & Candles Decor

Flowers are an indispensable part of Diwali decoration. So flowers can be the best diwali gifts. This year, you can add newness to it with an arrangement that can be placed anywhere at home. Create low centerpieces with brass utensils and place the flowers and floating candles alternatively in it for a bright and beautiful arrangement.

Flowers & Candles Decor

5. Paper Cup Lights

Believe us, paper cups can be one of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas to light up the mundane corners of the house. Create a unique decorative element for Diwali by painting and cutting them in floral shapes. Add tiny light bulbs to it and create a chain.

Paper Cup Lights

6. Colourful Candles

There are three ways of creating the magic this Diwali with candles. You can either use colourful candles across the house to spruce up the corners, use engraved candles for an amazing visual bliss or go for stylish carved burners to place the candles into.

Colourful Candles

7. Diwali Torans

Diwali torans or wall hangings are not only decorative pieces but also auspicious elements for the season. You can use Ganesha wall hangings or make torans from recycled items and create that authentic Diwali charm.

Diwali Torans

8. The Evergreen Diyas

Diyas are a traditional Diwali decoration item which undoubtedly, add a splendid festive touch to the decoration. Make a difference by getting earthen diyas and decorating them with glitter and acrylic paints.

 The Evergreen Diyas

9. Fairy Lights

Often, the exteriors of the house is decorated with fairy lights. It’s time to bring them inside for an astonishingly creative Diwali decoration. Fairy lights are your saviour that can be used in Puja rooms or in glass vases for an amazing glowing effect.

Fairy Lights

10. Fruit Candles

This might sound unusual but yes, an exciting idea as this does exist. Cut the fruit peels in beautiful shapes and place tiny fragrant candles inside them for a perfect decoration of home this Diwali.

Fruit Candles

10. Diwali Coasters

In case you are looking for Diwali decoration ideas for living room, Diwali themed coasters would be a perfect eye catchers this season. You can use paints or artificial mirrors and create intricate designs to add an extra Diwali effect.

Diwali Coasters