Charming Marigold-Staple Flower Of October

There's a special flower for every month in a year. If you are ruled by Venus and October born smart person, Marigold is the birthday flower for you. Now you might be feeling eager to know about the October birth flower meaning and this article gives you all insights about Marigold, the typical October flower.

Marie Gold - October Birth Flower

Worldwide known as a Marigold, October's birth flower, the very charming and vibrant Marigold is a Mediterranean native plant. This beautiful flower has been highly adored and prized for both its sheer beauty and versatility.

Aztec was the civilization that cultivated this exotic flower for the first time and the people of Aztec civilization believed that this flower has a huge amount of magical properties. Conquistadors from Spain took these flowers back to their country and there Marigolds were grown in monasteries.

Marigolds have been around for a long time and throughout the span of their existence, they have developed many connotations and uses which can be seen in various cultures.

Marie Gold - Cultural Meanings and Usages

Know about different cultural meanings and usages of Marigold-

According to the people of Wales, this flower has been seen as the symbol of cheerful communication. If a couple struggles to communicate, it is advised to them to keep a pot of Marigolds in their home to keep the peace. Yes, this flowers can be an excellent wedding gift idea also. This flower combined with a beautiful pair of crystal Champaign glass can make a nice gift item for newly married couple.

As for other cultures, such as Mexicans, the October birthday flower, Marigold casts a different light. According to the local Mexican folklore, Marigold flowers represent sorrow and the feeling of unrest and that's the reason why these particular flowers are used in the days of dead ritual on every second day of the November month of each year.

As we know the fact that Marigold is the October flower, naturally it is the birth month flowers for Libra and Scorpions both.

Throughout the history, Marigold flowers have been used as dyes and culinary ingredients. It has been used as a medical cure for a lot of health problems also.

Now you should know the October birth flower meaning and what it symbolizes-

 Marie Gold - What It Symbolizes

Marigolds are available in different colors like Yellow, Gold, and Red but they are really well known for their highly vibrant and bright orange color which symbolizes creativity and passion. In different cultures, Marigolds hold different meanings, both positive and negative, such as -

  • Promoting cheer and joy.
  • Winning over someone's heart with honest and hard work.
  • Promotes success and happiness.
  • Grief and despair.
  • Remembering the people who passed away.

Time to know about some fun facts about this flower:

Marigold is an edible flower. You can simply use this flower in your salad items. Instead of using highly-priced saffron spice, you can use Marigolds as the substitute.

There's an antioxidant called carotenoids which leads to the vibrant color of this Marigold flowers, has several health benefits for humans. It helps to lower the chance of heart diseases.

Another excellent use of Marigold is that it works as a natural insect repellent. The strong smell of this flowers keep mosquitoes and aphids away from the vegetable gardens and you can actually keep your home protected from mosquitoes by keeping a pot of Marigold flowers in your home.

Whether you are Libra or Scorpion, you are definitely one of those charismatic people who have the strong ability to win one's heart with a very charming attitude and Marigold is your lucky flower. The smell of this vibrant flower will definitely impress you.