11 Romantic Ways To Celebrate Your First 365 Days Of Married Life

Ever dreamed of marrying your lover secretly in a temple or having multiple honeymoons with the love of your life? Then, why not tick off these things from your bucket list on your very first wedding anniversary? Celebrate a beautiful year of togetherness filled with warm hugs, cozy cuddles, passionate romance, and boundless love for each other in a way that your anniversary becomes the most favorite time of the year.

Romantic to Celebrate your Married Life

Here are 11 romantic ways to fall head over heels in love with each other on your first anniversary:

1.Spell The Vows Once Again

Steal kisses and hugs from your lover on your first marriage anniversary in a romantic way by renewing the wedding vows again in a place where the two of you can have a romantic time together. Relive the most important moment of your marriage one more time on your first anniversary which will strengthen your wedded life with the adhesive of love.

Spell The Vows Once Again

2.Get A Couple Tattoo Done

Want to do something different on your first anniversary? How about getting tattooed? If your partner and you are fond of tattoos but have been waiting for the perfect time to get inked, your anniversary is that perfect moment when you should make a bold move. Don't worry because your partner will make it easier for you.

Get A Couple Tattoo Done

3.Plant A Sapling Together

On your first anniversary, do something together that will leave a footprint and remembrance of your love in this world forever. Plant a sapling together on your first marriage anniversary that will add much meaning to your life. In fact, you can plant a tree every year on your marriage anniversary and celebrate this tradition that has been started by both of you.

Plant A Sapling Together

4.Try *Not-To-Have* Love Game

Take your intimacy to the next level on your first anniversary by spicing things up in your bedroom with “Try Not-To-Have” love game. This game is all about pleasing and turning each other on but resisting yourself from the ultimate love making (as the name suggests). The one who couldn’t resist loses and the one who holds out the longest win. However, it’s a win-win for both. Isn’t it?

Try Not-To-Have Love Game

5.Go On A Second Honeymoon

Who doesn't want to stay on a honeymoon for life? It doesn't sound practical though however, you can always relive those romantic days of your first honeymoon on your anniversary again. So, before you plan anything else on your first marriage anniversary, plan a second honeymoon with your sweetheart where the two of you can get lost in the depth of each other's eyes and feel the heartbeats of each other.

Go On A Second Honeymoon

6.Groove To The Tunes Of Love

You are bad at dancing but won't mind putting your hands up in the air and move your legs on the dance floor if you have the love of your life beside you. Right? So, why not do some fun and try something new with your partner on your first anniversary? Go clubbing or on a karaoke night and make everyone else feel jealous of your talent.

Groove To The Tunes Of Love

7.A Romantic Night By A Bonfire

What else do you need when you have a romantic night by a bonfire with your beloved and a million stars twinkling up in the sky? Steal your lover on your first anniversary to a distant serene land where you can just sit, talk, love, romance and stargaze all night in the presence of a blazing bonfire.

A Romantic Night By A Bonfire

8.The Anniversary Photo Shoot

Freeze the memorable moments of your first marriage anniversary by arranging a photo shoot. This is really a romantic way of getting closer and cozier with your partner on your first anniversary. All you have to do is to select your favorite location in your town, dress up in your best attire, and show love to each other while getting captured by the photographer.

The Anniversary Photo Shoot

9.A Road Trip To Remember

Wish each other a very happy wedding anniversary by embarking on a long romantic road trip through which you can admire the little things in your life and explore the treasures of nature. So, on your anniversary, start your day with the first ray of the sunlight and end your day while counting the stars. Don't forget to pack food and drinks along.

A Road Trip To Remember

10.A Personalized Anniversary Gift

Surprising each other with an anniversary gift is definitely one of the most expressive ways to make your lover feel your heartbeats. Since it is your first marriage anniversary, gift your partner something that will make your partner feel special. A gift like a customized photo ring or a customized beer mug or anything else can take your love life to new heights.

A Personalized Anniversary Gift

11.A Romantic Candlelight Dine Out

A bottle of champagne, delicious food, and some scented candles are what you need to light up your first anniversary and make it a memorable one. On the occasion of your first anniversary, dress your best and dine out with your partner in a romantic and cozy place where you can embrace each other with no bounds.

A Romantic Candlelight Dine Out

Since it’s been 365 days you said “I do”, it is special. So, make your first the best anniversary by caressing each other a little more.