11 Super Duper Birthday Cakes For Teenage Girl

What makes birthdays so fascinating that we eagerly wait for it every year? Everything apart, it’s the opportunity to eat a cake! The moment your eyes meet the edible beauty, you find yourself drooling, and the next moment when your lips taste it, you are in a happy paradise before you could realize.

Cake for Teenage Girls

So, here we are going to share some of the teenage girl birthday cakes that would take you on a saccharine journey. Are you ready for the sweet experience?

1) MakeUp Cake:

For a teenage girl who can’t get enough of beauty and makeup-- get a makeup-themed cake with fondant lipstick, eye-shadow palette, nail paints, brushes; all from her favourite brand.

MakeUp Cake

2) Artist Cake:

If you happen to be friends with a Frida Kahlo, then on her birthday don’t look beyond the Artist-themed birthday cake, designed with a colour palette, paintbrush, and dripping paints.

Artist Cake

3) Tiara Cake:

On her birthday, all she needs is a birthday crown cake, and love because she is the undisputed queen. Both fondant and buttercream cake can be turned into a tiara cake by topping it with a crown, edible or non-edible.

Tiara Cake

4) Candy-Covered Cake:

She is never too old for candies. Let her enjoy her birthday with a colourful and loaded candy-covered cake because it’s Delicious!

Candy-Covered Cake

5) Unicorn Cake:

You can never go wrong with a unicorn cake. This mystical creature in a cake is highly popular among teenage girls and will make celebrations magical.

Unicorn Cake

6) Barbie Doll Cake:

I am a barbie girl in the barbie world.” If this is her vibe, then why not get her a pretty barbie cake. It’s the most beautiful girl birthday cake that she could ever wish for her birthday.

Barbie Doll Cake

7) Beach-Theme Cake:

Your girl is all grown up and loves to vacay. Therefore, she will love a beach-themed cake. One of the 18th girl birthday cake ideas.

Beach-Theme Cake

8) Floral Cake:

Who doesn’t love flowers? Perhaps, everyone! A cake topped with edible or fondant flowers is undoubtedly a beauty to behold and taste.

Floral Cake

9) Bag Cake:

Girls can never get tired of bags. This time, try a new design, gift her an edible one, the bag cake in her desired brand.

Bag Cake

10) Castle Cake:

A castle cake for the reigning princess. Hail the Queen!

Castle Cake

11) 16th Birthday Cake:

Turning sweet 16th deserves nothing but a sweet 16th birthday cake in her choicest of flavour. If the guest of honour wants pink, get her a pink sweet 16th cake.

16th Birthday Cake

Which of these cakes would be the showstopper for your teenage birthday girl?

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