Difference between fondant cake and regular cream cake

Evolution is something that is everywhere! Even the cakes are not left untouched. The time when a baker created a cake, he/she had not thought that one there would be so many types of cakes.

Fondant Cake and Butter Cream Cake

And here we are today, discussing the difference between fondant cake and cream cake!

It can also be like a difference between buttercream and fondant cake.

We think it is better to directly get to the point and talk about other things afterwards.

So, here we go:

Difference between fondant cake and regular cream cake

● Fondant cakes are much more appealing than cream cakes.

● A fondant cake is sweeter as compared to a cream cake.

● Cream cakes look fluffy and soft whereas fondant cakes look silky and slightly rigid.

● In regards to the weight, fondant cakes are heavy than cream cakes.

● Cream icing is made using butter, sugar, and cream, whereas fondant icing is made using gelatine, glucose, and sugar.

● Cream cakes melt sooner than fondant cakes.

● Fondant icing gives freedom to decorate cakes which is not possible with cream icing.

Now, some more information

What is the meaning of Fondant Cake?

In simple words, fondant cakes are simple cakes covered in fondant icing. The fondant icing is made using three main ingredients, namely Gelatin, Glucose, and sugar. The fondant icing can be moulded in any shape and can also be rolled over the cake. Bakers also add food colours and artificial flavours in the fondant icing for extra pleasure.

Fondant Cake

A type of fondant cake, semi fondant cake looks like this...

Semi Fondant Cake

What is a cream cake?

You can also call it a no fondant cake as it doesn’t contain a single bit of fondant icing. Baked cakes when topped and covered with an icing made up of sugar, butter, and cream whipped together is known as cream cake. It is easy to add flavours in cream, but the colour options are limited, unlike fondant. Well, many designs can be made using buttercream, but they can’t outlast the advantage of fondant.

Butter Cream

So, promise us that you will never ask about the difference between buttercream and fondant cake!