7 Amazing Gifts For Nature Lovers That Are Equally Thoughtful

In our lifetime, we cross our paths with people of different personalities - each of who leaves an everlasting impression over our minds and hearts. Some of the interesting ones later in life become our close ones. One such bunch of interesting people with unique personas are the ones who are kind, noble-hearted as they are a nature lover. Now not everyone you meet wouldn’t look after nature being a responsible caretaker of it even after convincing you that they are. They would love to be pampered with something that is cruelty-free and eco friendly to get along with nature. If you happen to know someone who belongs to this category of people and if his/her birthday or any special day is soon approaching, then here are a few gifts for nature lovers that they secretly wish to be pampered with. Each of these makes excellent gifts for men, women, girls or boys of any age. Take some ideas and start your shopping, right away!

amazing gifts for nature lovers that are equally thoughtful

1) Eco-friendly God Idol

India is a land of festivals, cultures, traditions and people who wish to live by the principles of spirituality and their religions. Hence, god idols seem to be an excellent gift for them as they seek their Almighty’s blessings every now and then. Lord Ganesha marks the new blissful beginnings of one’s life, hence an eco-friendly Ganesh murti can be gifted to a nature lover on their housewarming party or on their farewell. Alternatively, you can look for other god idols like that of Lord Krishna, Radha Krishna, Laxmi-Ganesha, Sai baba made with some eco-friendly material to cheer your nature lover friend.

Eco-friendly God Idol

2) Plant

What gift would conquer a nature lover's heart if not a little green bundle of joy? Plants are the most go-to gift idea for nature lovers to pamper with fellow nature lover buddies with. Each plant has got some innate blissful properties from blessing its owner with good luck, good health, prosperity and its hidden medicinal benefits. So, one can choose according to the kind of plant they wish to surprise their nature lover friend with and bring a beautiful smile on their face.


3) Gear Bicycle

If your friend has got his/her interest set in fitness, then a geared bicycle could make an excellent eco-friendly gift for your nature lover sweetheart. You can look for many brands of gear bicycle and have a smooth finish and then place your price on your best find. Your nature lover friend would love to explore every bit of nature by riding on it.

Gear Bicycle

4) Vegan Cakes/ Cupcakes

Saying no to dairy products or exploitation of any animal has been a significant phase of every nature lover’s life. Veganism has been taking a toll on everyone with its noble thought and which is why vegan cakes and cupcakes seem like an excellent way of pampering your dear nature lover friend. You can gift him/her with vegan cakes and cupcakes of any flavour, that is loved by him/her.

Vegan Cakes/ Cupcakes

5) Bird Nest Cum Feeder

Help them bring nature indoors as you gift them a birds nest cum feeder like setup which will encourage the little thirsty and hungry birds to find some food and water inside it. Along with that, they will be encouraged to start their family inside it by laying eggs in it. How cool does that sound? Join your nature lover friend in making this world a happier and a better place for birdies.

Bird Nest Cum Feeder

6) Recycled Journal

Give wings to their creativity, ideas and noble thought as they jot down a few of the important things over the journal made with recycled paper that you gifted them. They will be left in awe of you once you pamper them with something as thoughtful as a recycled journal. It will be cherished by them till the very end of time.

Recycled Journal

7) Floral Piece of Apparel

It could be an easy-breezy floral shirt for men throwing those beach or tropical vibes to your nature lover friend. Or it can also be a floral dress for your nature lover girlfriend who loves to flaunt her cool yet casual dressing style. A floral piece of apparel is another much-loved gift option as they tend to bring the recipient closer to nature, as and when they adorn it.

Floral Piece of Apparel

So, these were some of the amazing gifts for your nature lover friend which will surely help them grow fonder with nature. Get up close and personal with nature across various special occasions or just like that.