12 Quirky Types Of Rakhis For 12 Different Types Of Brothers

What if someone asks you to describe your brother in just one word. Can you describe him? No, you would probably fall short of words and say “what strange creatures brothers are” just like Jane Austin did.

But, despite how strange he appears to you and how much he has been troubling you since childhood, deep down inside you know that he adores you. Right?

So, this Raksha Bandhan, celebrate your naughty yet decent, mischievous yet adorable, tough on the outside yet soft on the inside brother by tying a Rakhi thread of his kind.

Therefore, we bring you a list of 12 types of Rakhi threads for 12 types of brothers that are sure to tie you both all together with love for lifelong:

Quirky Types of Rakhis for Different Types of Brothers

1.For The Swagger- ‘Bhai Ka Swag’ Rakhi

If your brother has all the swag and style to woo everyone around him then, he surely deserves this ‘Bhai ka Swag’ rakhi on this Raksha Bandhan.

Bhai ka Swag Rakhi - For The Swagger

2.For The Decent Brother- ‘Pyara Bhai’ Rakhi

Only a few sisters are blessed with a decent brother who neither interferes in her personal life nor causes trouble to her. If you are blessed with a decent brother then, this Raksha Bandhan, reward him with a ‘Pyara Bhai’ rakhi because he deserves it.

Pyara Bhai Rakhi - For The Decent Brother

3.For The Fitness Freak- ‘Gym Brat’ Rakhi

For your dear brother who never compromises with his gym routine will be delighted to receive this ‘Gym Brat’ rakhi on Raksha Bandhan from your end.

Gym Brat Rakhi - For The Fitness Freak

4.For The Cute Little Monster- ‘Minion’ Rakhi

The little monster who make cute faces before you to get all the goodies from you but reports every single activity of yours to your mom, a ‘Minion’ rakhi would make a perfect choice.

Minion Rakhi - For The Cute Little Monster

5.For The GOT lover- ‘Winter Coming Stark’ Rakhi

For the greatest fan of Game of Thrones who is just obsessed with the series, get this ‘Winter Coming Stark’ rakhi for him which is available on a number of online gift portals. He is going to remember you for this!

Winter Coming Stark Rakhi - For The GOT lover

6.For The Spiritual Bhai- ‘Rudraksha’ Rakhi

Is your brother a spiritual kinda person? If yes, then, we got you covered with this Rudraksha Rakhi that you can get on any online store as well as in the market.

Rudraksha Rakhi - for The Spiritual Bhai

7. For The Beard Lover- ‘Moustache’ Rakhi

A perfect rakhi for your moochwala bhai who is self-obsessed and head over heels in love with his own mustache. Get this ‘Moustache’ rakhi from an online gift portal where you can find a variety of other designs.

Moustache Rakhi - For The Beard Lover

8.For The Salman Fan- ‘Bhaijaan’ Rakhi

Does your brother always keep singing the song ‘Mai toh Superman, Salman ka fan? If yes, then, he would probably jump out of joy on receiving this ‘Bhaijaan’ rakhi from you on this Raksha Bandhan.

Bhaijaan Rakhi - For The Salman Fan

9.For The Big Brother- ‘Bade Bhaiya’ Rakhi

Having a big brother is like having a Superhero who always protects you from all the odds. Therefore, this Raksha Bandhan, show your utmost respect towards your big brother with a ‘Bade bhaiya’ rakhi.

Bade Bhaiya Rakhi - for The Big Brother

10.For The NRI Brother- ‘NRI Wala Bhai’ Rakhi

For your brother who lives miles away from you, wish him a very happy Raksha Bandhan in a beautiful way with an ‘NRI Wala Bhai Rakhi’. This rakhi is sure to make your brother feel your presence on Raksha Bandhan.

NRI Wala Bhai Rakhi - For The NRI Brother

11.For The Handsome Bro- ‘Nazar Na Lage’ Rakhi

Here is a perfect thread of love, care, and affection for your handsome bro who is quite famous among girls. This Raksha Bandhan, tie your brother a ‘Nazar Na Lage Rakhi’ and bring good health to him.

Nazar Na Lage Rakhi - For The Handsome Bro

12.For The Stylish Bro- A ‘Bracelet’ Rakhi

Is your brother one of those who likes to keep their style game on point? If yes, here is the perfect rakhi for him. Tie him a ‘Bracelet rakhi’ this Raksha Bandhan that he would make a stylish accessory for him as well.

A Bracelet Rakhi - For The Stylish Bro

So, these are some of our hot recommendations. Now, make your choice wisely.