12 Things To Do On Raksha Bandhan When You Don’t Have A Sibling

Having a sibling by your side is always great. They make you feel alive and crank up your world in an unimaginable way. However, not having a brother or a sister also means you get to enjoy PlayStation all by yourself, eat pizza alone, not worry about sharing your space, and above all, the TV remote belongs to only you.

In between these infinite perks of being a single child, seeing an unadorned wrist on the annual festivity of Raksha Bandhan can make you feel depressed. However, it is totally up to you if you wish to cry all day long and waste the tissue stack unnecessarily or get up and groove to the beats of Raksha Bandhan festivity your way!

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan when You Don't Have Sibling

And if you’re from the no siblings party, here’s how you can lose yourself and shake things up with these maddening ways and still celebrate Raksha Bandhan in its true vigor.

1. Go For A YMCA Dance With Your Brother From Another Mother

You guys might not share same DNA, but calling your best friends over is the best thing you will do!

2. Grab Your Guitar And Hit The Tunes Of Brotherhood For Everyone

Write the song of the year and make everybody sing along to the tunes of merriment.

3. You Can Celebrate It By Getting A Super Adorable Teddy For Your Baby Bro

If you’re blessed with a bro and not a sister, you can still celebrate Rakhi by gifting him a teddy and tie the bond delightfully.

4. Who Said Life Can’t Be Fun Without A Bro, It’s A Day To Prove Them Wrong!

Practically, you don’t need a brother to have fun, two sisters can enough to create chaos alone.

5. You’ve Got The Day To Yourself, Make Time And Pursue Your Hobby

Your hectic schedules and weekend get-togethers have taken your personal place. This national holiday, how about you brush the dirt away from your instrument and relish the true taste of passion.

6. Turn Your Lazy Day Into An Adventurous One!

Games have the power to teleport you anywhere! Call your friends over and celebrate it adventurously!

7. In Fact, You Can Call Your Date Over!

Bake some cookies, and raise a toast that god saved you both from the troubles of a siblingship.

8. It’s A Perfect Day To Binge Watch A Series

You’ve all day to yourself, and let’s not forget the night too. Switch to Netflix and complete the series you left in between.

9. When Life Gives You No Siblings, You Plan A Spontaneous Solo Vacation

Within the city or nearby outside, plan a solo trip and leave these silly reasons behind.

10. Unplug This Raksha Bandhan

Maybe all you need this Rakhi, is a drink. Sit back, relax, and get lost in the hidden worlds of silence.

11. Create A List Of Life Goals

While the world is celebrating you can step over and work on your checklist.

12. A Great News, It’s Never Too Late To Adopt A Sibling

By the end of the day, if you still think that you’re missing out on the sibling fun, how about you go out and get one by yourself.