13 Tussles Of Being A Single Parent In Incredible India

Being a parent is nothing less than climbing Mt Everest. Okay, this might seem a bit of exaggeration, however, it’s close!

Parenting is truly a challenging task for everyone across the globe, and all the more, being a single parent makes the climb even more adventurous and exploratory.

But being a single parent in India has its own jumps and hurdles, thanks to the strong gender bias and stereotypical mindsets of the people. Here are the 13 tussles of being a Single Parent in India:

1. Life becomes an art of juggling multiple tasks and schedules without much-needed support from the other parent.

Super Powers you see!

During demanding situation condition of a single parent
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2. As per Indian society, ‘Single parents cannot have friends. Period.’ Because if they do people will make assumptions.


3. Moreover, Indian children can’t accept their parents dating or going into a new marriage.

How can they do it?

 Single parents are not allowed to date in Indian Society.
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4. Single parents are attacked with the most unwanted help and solutions from people a.k.a. well-wishers.

And these are ‘’Marriage Proposals’

5. The financial struggles force single parents to go out and work extra, while the extra-concerned Indian society make them feel guilty for not being there for their child.

Even Sharma ji does the same!

Single parents looked as they are not concerned about their child
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6. The schools have criteria of asking for fathers’ income certificates. This makes many single mothers face problems with admissions of their children in educational institutions.

Because oh! We live in a patriarchal society!

7. Leaving the child with a relative implies the interrogation of your child against you.

So, Chintu what time Mom returns home? Hmm?

 Relative implies the interrogation of your child against you
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8.“Me” time? Are you kidding? There is no “Me” time for single parents.

Just never at all!

9. People tend to ask offensive questions without giving it a second thought, embarrassing the single parent in front of their children.

People ask offensive questions to single parents
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10. Single dads are usually not familiar with the duties moms have, perhaps because they never did rather avoided them earlier due to societal pressure.

11. No one can understand the struggle of single parents. Their friends are often oblivious to the challenges since they haven’t been there.

 No one can understand the struggle of single parents
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12. The children are usually taunted on by their friends for not having the other parent making them question the single parent.

And this is heart-wrenching!

13. Indian society has a narrow mind set and stereotypically biased view of single parents, especially single moms.