15 Patriotic Songs To Strum The Deepest Chords Of Your Heart

"Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong."

Patriotism is a sentiment that could crush the strongest boulders of malice, a sentiment as gentle as a wave in the ocean that brings along a whoosh of affinity to commemorate the diversity of culture. It is not a feeling that comes for a day to fade away. It is something that stays there, right there in the most special corner of your heart and overwhelms you, time and again, with an inexplicable love for your motherland.

And Bollywood never disappoints us. This time, with croon-worthy patriotic numbers, it’s time to feel the lump in your throat, the goosebumps on your skin.

 Patriotic Song

Here’s a complete list of Bollywood patriotic songs that celebrate India and are sure to imbue in you an immense degree of patriotism.

Witness those profound emotions of patriotism again!

1. Maa Tujhe Salaam

This song was composed by the music legend A. R. Rahman in 1997. It has almost been two decades to this musical piece but it still, doesn’t fail to move us from the core.

2. Sandese Aate Hain- Border

This song holds importance not only because of it patriotic touch but also the romantic feel of a soldier longing to see his lover and family.

3. Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon

"Sarhad pe marane waalaa har veer thaa bhaaratvaasi,
Jo khoon giraa parvat par Wo khoon thaa Hindustaani"
Aren’t these words giving you goosebumps already?

4. Ae Mere Pyare Watan- Kabuliwala

One of the best hindi patriotic songs, it has an emotional touch and a soothing feel to transcend you into a space of complete devotion and earnest love for your motherland.

5. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera- Swades

Another A. R. Rahman’s top patriotic song to gradually heighten your spirit of nationalism. Whether you are in India or far away in some other country, feel the unbreakable bond with your country with this soulful patriotic hymn.

6. Luka Chhupi- Rang De Basanti

This A.R. Rahman composition and Prasoon Joshi’s words is sure to bring tears in your eyes. A mother’s ode to her son who dies during the duty has been put for repeated listens.

7. Aisa Des Hai Mera - Veer Zaara

This song is set in the picturesque location of Punjab and each word of the song praises the country’s beauty and magnificence. This song creates harmony and loves between cross borders.

8. Desh Mere Desh Mere - The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

‘Country Comes First.’ This patriotic song imbues you with a feeling of complete surrender for the country’s good. Smooth and melodious, this song is sure to set you in the mood.

9. Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire

Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire comes with a new patriotic song “Jai Ho” and is quite different from other kinds of patriotic hymns that are slow and soulful. Being catchy and thunderous in tone, this one has force and rhythm.

10. Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai- Roja

Although released in 1992, this song has something special that still moves the soul and we bet, you would feel bound to lip-sync along. It is an amazing treasure of melody to play and feel inspired.

11. Rang De Basanti - Rang De Basanti

A.R. Rahman has undoubtedly, understood the pulse of patriotism. This playful patriotic song is high in fervor and zeal. With dance and Daler Mehndi’s energetic tone, the song has a flavour of patriotism that is sure to heighten your spirits.

12. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola- The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

Sonu Nigam has excellently maneuvered his silken voice to come up with this piece that makes us sit back, reflect upon the Indian freedom struggle and be overwhelmed with a sense of patriotism.

13. Dil Diya Hai Jaan Bhi Denge - Karma

This song will be stuck in your head for all the right reasons. From music to lyrics, this patriotic song is one gem of a composition that has outlived the trial of time.

14. Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo

When we are talking about patriotic songs, this ought not be missed. This soulful beauty truly depicts the inevitable sacrifices of the soldier and how they ardently fight for the country. It’s moving.

15. Chale Chalo- Lagaan

Each word of the song is sure to fill you with courage. Every. Single. Time. This one is undoubtedly, synonymous to determination and victory.

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