11 Unsung Freedom Fighters Of India Who Deserve Our Salute

Feel Proud!

For here you are now. At a comfort zone uncomplainingly busy with personal goals and aspirations. The everyday troubles that you face, you call them miseries.

But there are some souls who have endured worse. They selflessly laid their lives for the country so that you can lead a fearless life, a carefree life where you don’t have to suffer at merciless hands of alien enemies. Those freedom fighters who fought with just one focus- to see a free India.

While we ask you to name them, pretty much there would you would come up with a few on your fingertips. But that’s not it.

Our struggle for independence was a long crushing battle that had started way back in 1757 with a patriotic goal of Purna Swaraj. And to accomplish the same, there weren’t only the freedom fighters of India whom you know but also the heroes who fought as much but didn’t fall in the limelight.

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It’s time you know them. The unsung heroes who have given us the greatest gift of all times- OUR FREEDOM. Here’s the list:

1. Velu Nachiyar

Yes, that’s the name of the freedom fighter who created the first human bomb. When she found the place where the British stored their ammunition, she walked into the ammunition store after dousing herself in oil and lighting herself to destroy the arms. She had opposed British rule and emerged as one of the most daring freedom fighters of India much before Sepoy Mutiny or Rani of Jhansi came to light.

 Velu Nachiyar - A freedom fighter who created the first human bomb

2. Matangini Hazra

Matangini Hazra was a part of Quit India Movement and Non- Cooperation Movement. She was shot thrice in one of the processions but kept moving ahead with the Indian Flag in hand. She kept shouting “Vande Mataram.”

Matangini Hazra - Participated in Quit India Movement and Non- Cooperation Movement

3. Aruna Asaf Ali

Not many would have heard of her. But in the list of daring freedom fighters, she ought not be missed. She hoisted the Indian National Congress flag during the Quit India Movement in 1942 at Gowalia Tank Maidan in Bombay.

Aruna Asaf Ali - A one of the daring freedom fighter

4. Veerapandia Kottabomman

In South India, Veerapandia Kottabomman was the the revolutionary who refused to pay taxes to East India Company. Verrapandia was a chieftan from Panchalankurchi in Tamil Nadu but was betrayed by the ruler Pudukottai Vijaya Raghunatha Tondaiman to the British on 1st October 1799. He was publicly hanged on 16th October 1799.

Veerapandia Kottabomman - The revolutionary who refused to pay taxes

5. Bhikaji Cama

She was a part of Non Cooperative movement and Quit India Movement. Not just this, she also stood for gender equality and donated all her personal belongings to girls in orphanage. She unfurled the Indian flag at the International Socialist Conference at Stuttgart in Germany, 1907.

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 Bhikaji Cama - Part of Non Cooperative movement and Quit India Movement

6. Peer Ali Khan

Peer Ali Khan was a part of 1857 freedom struggle. He was a rebel who was given capital punishment. Due to his role in the freedom movement, on July 7, 1857, he was summarily tried in the presence of William Tayler, the then Patna Commissioner.

Peer Ali Khan - Participated in 1857 freedom struggle

7. Master Da’ Surya Sen

His revolution gave rise to several freedom fighters in Bengal. He was the man behind Chittagong Armoury Raid (also known as ‘Chittagong Uprising’) and had 64 revolutionaries along with him. During the Raid, they captured the city and hoisted the Indian national flag declaring Gandhi Raj. He was later captured, brutally tortured and hanged.

‘Master Da’ Surya Sen - The man behind the rise of several freedom fighters in Bengal

8. The Trio Of Benoy, Badal & Dinesh

The trio Benoy Basu, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Gupta were 22. 18 and 19 years old respectively when they targeted a brutal Inspector General of Police, Colonel NS Simpson. They wore European outfits, entered Writer’s Building and killed him. When they were caught, Benoy took cyanide pill while Badal and Dinesh shot themselves dead before being captured.

The Trio Of Benoy, Badal & Dinesh

9. Tirupur Kumaran

Kumaran was the founder of the Association named Desa Bandhu Youth Association. Flag of Indian nationalists was banned by the British and he led a protest march holding the same against colonial government on 11th January 1932. Although, he succumbed to injuries, he was found dead holding the flag.

Tirupur Kumaran - Founder of Desa Bandhu Youth Association

10. Begum Hazrat Mahal

The Indian Rebellion, 1857 found Hazrat in a major role. When her husband, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, was exiled, she took charge of Awadh and seized Lucknow. Later, she retreated to Kathmandu where she died.

Begum Hazrat Mahal

11. Tirot Singh

Tirot Singh, 18th century chief of Khasi people had only swords, arrows and bows to fight against the British enemy. Untrained in British type of warfare, he resorted to guerrilla activity which went on for about four years. He was shot by the British and eventually captured in January 1833. His death anniversary is commemorated as a state holiday in Meghalaya.

Tirot Singh - 18th century chief of Khasi people