10 Unusual Houseplants That Will Leave You Wonderstruck

Everyone loves to deck their houses up with some beautiful and some unique house plants. And there are many reasons why one prefers to do so, but the two primary ones being that these unusual house plants add up its charm to the decor of the house. Secondly, because of the blissful innate properties, it tends to bless its wonders when surrounded by some of these unique indoor plants.

If you are a plant lover, then your home must be filled with some green and beautiful indoor plants but do you have a ‘Pregnant onion’ or a ‘Dolphin succulent’ in your home? If not, then change your interior with at-least one unusual yet beautiful indoor plants that will not only make your home look pleasant but also create a more refreshing and serene aura.

Here is a list of some of the most unusual indoor plants that exist across the blue. Scroll down to check these out:

10. Fire Pencil Cactus

This is one of the strange indoor plants belonging to the Cactus family and is indigenous to Africa. As its color and body suggest, this plant is popularly known as Fire-sticks and can grow up to 25 feet. Fire Pencil Cactus can enhance the beauty of any home by its ravishing red color.

Fire Pencil Cactus - A Strange Indoor Plant

9. Pregnant Onion

Usually kept as a house plant, the pregnant onion is a very easy plant to grow and care. It has long green leaves with a large bulb which suggests its name. The best part of planting a pregnant onion plant in your home is that it is an evergreen plant with leaves and flowers throughout the year which is what makes it one of the best selling weird house plants.

i Pregnant Onion - A House Plant

8. Rabbit’s Foot Fern

The most attractive features of this plant are its furry rhizomes that grow up to resemble a rabbit’s foot, as the name says. This plant can be grown on large pot and can be hanged in a basket showing off its furry rhizomes which will add more beauty to your home.

Rabbit’s Foot Fern - A House Plant Resembling Rabbit's Foot

7. Donkey’s Tail Plant

This is an easy-to-grow house succulent which is lush green in colour having tear-drop shaped leaves. These succulents resemble a Donkey’s tail and can be an excellent decorative tool for your home. This plant is one of the best hanging plants which is also considered under the ‘rare indoor plants’ category that can enhance the charm of your home.

 Donkey’s Tail Plant - An Easy-to-Grow Hanging House Plant

6. Lucky Heart Plant

Also known as Hoya Kerri, this house plant bears green fleshy heart-shaped leaves. This plant is a climbing succulent and is believed to bring good luck to your love life. Considered as the romantic succulent, this house plant spreads love in every house it goes.

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Lucky Heart Plant - A House Plant

5. Dolphin Succulent Plant

This is one of the adorable succulent plants that you should definitely have in your home. Extremely famous in Japan, this plant consists of tiny fleshy leaves which look like little Dolphins diving in the air. This plant makes a home look more cheerful and homely by its presence.

Dolphin Succulent Plant - A Succulent Plant

4. Baseball Plant

Popularly known as the Baseball Cactus, this is one of the beautiful home plants which is thornless. This is a slow-growing plant that resembles a baseball and acts as a pest-resistant plant too. Easy to care, this indoor plant looks like a jewel which can brighten up your home with its presence. It is by far one of the most popular yet strange house plants that are loved by all.

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Baseball Plant - A Beautiful Thornless Home Plant

3. Marimo Moss Balls

As the name suggests, these are little soft and moist balls of algae which look like moss. In Japan, Marimo Moss Balls are considered as lucky charms and are also adored as pets. These spherical moss balls live in water. Thus, these moss balls are usually kept in an aquarium or a fish tank to make a home look more attractive.

Marimo Moss Balls - Soft and Moist Balls of Algae

2. Rose Succulent

With the looks of the iconic and beautiful rose flowers, these are the best indoor plants you can’t get off your eyes from. Green in colour, these rose succulents are eye-catching plants which make a home cosier. These flowers are also easier to grow and care. All you require is to water the plant on a daily basis.

 Rose Succulent - A One of the Best Indoor Plant

1. Haworthia Cooperi

Belonging to the succulent family, Hawaorthia Cooperi resembles a bunch of green bubbles carved out of fleshy leaves. These are one of the attractive indoor house plants with a unique look. The best part is that these plants are see-through plants which looks like pearls in a homely set up.

Haworthia Cooperi - An Attractive Indoor House Plant

These were some of the unusual indoor plants which can make your home look heavenly and help you create a natural environment. So, go ahead to make your home more lively and a happier place with these incredibly beautiful and strange indoor house plants