9 Interesting Facts About Ganesha That You Must Have Never Heard Before

The son of the Lord of the Lords and the goddess of love. The Lord of wisdom whose biography teaches us many lessons.

Who is He?

He is everyone’s favorite Lord “GANESHA”.

And we just can’t get over His divinity and cuteness. He doesn’t only have devotees from all around the world but also has a huge fan following across social media too. If you are also a devout believer of Lord Vinayaka, this Ganesh Chaturthi worship him with all your heart.

But before that, check out some interesting Ganesh facts that you have never heard before. We're confident that among these interesting facts about Ganesha, there are a few hidden gems that will surprise you. So, keep reading to know more!

Interesting Facts About Ganesha

The Special Grants Of Ganesha

Lord Ganesha with His wisdom and knowledge has been blessed with some special grants which make him one of the eminent Hindu Gods. He is worshiped first before other Gods in every holy procession. Thus, Ganesh is generally worshiped alone during Ganesh Chaturthi pooja. But, during Durga puja, He is worshiped along with his family -Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Kartik, Goddess Laxmi, and Goddess Saraswati. Devotees seek his blessings as he grants them success, happiness, and prosperity.

Special Grants Of Ganesha

Why Is He Called Ekdanta?

No list of facts about Ganesha Ji is complete without this detail! You all know the history behind his elephant head but do you know the history behind his one-tooth? Well, according to Brahmavavart Purana, the great sage Parshurama once went to the Kailash mountain to visit Shiva when he was meditating. So, Lord Ganesha didn't allow Parshuram to meet Shiva. This angered Parshuram, and he used his axe, which was granted to him by Shiva himself, to attack little Ganesha. Ganesha took the attack on one of his teeth to respect the power of the weapon given by his father, and since then, he has been called Ekdanta.

Called Ekdanta Ganesha

Who Penned Down The Mahabharata?

It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the original writer of the epic Mahabharata. The great sage Vyasa found Lord Ganesha worthy of understanding the Mahabharata. Thus, He decided to recite the epic Mahabharata to Ganesha and asked Him to write it without any interruption. One of the story says that Ganesha broke his tusk and used it to write the rest of Mahabharata when the feather quill broke down in between.

Penned Down The Mahabharata by Ganesha

Is Ganesha Married Or Unmarried?

While in South India, it is believed that Ganesha is a Brahmacharya, it is generally believed that Lord Ganesha was married to the twin sisters Riddhi (Goddess of prosperity) and Siddhi ( Goddess of Intellect) who bore Him two sons Shubha (auspiciousness) and Labha (Profit).

Ganesha Married Or Unmarried

The Story Of Ganesha And Tulsi

Brahmavavart Puran says, Tulsi Devi was amazed by the charm of Lord Ganesha when she was crossing through the banks of river Ganga where Lord Ganesha was meditating. Tulsi Devi went ahead to ask Ganesha to marry her but Ganesha replied that He will never get married in His life. This angered Tulsi and she cursed Ganesha that He will be married soon and Ganesha cursed Tulsi her to be a plant forever.

Story Of Ganesha And Tulsi

The Mystery Behind His Birth

According to Puranas, Goddess Parvati kept a Punyak fast and wished for a baby boy. It is believed that as a result of this fast, an incarnation of Lord Krishna was born to Parvati as Lord Ganesha. Another story says that Parvati created Ganesha from the dirt of her body as she wanted someone loyal to her as Nandi was to Lord Shiva.

Mystery Behind Ganesha Birth

When Ganesha Got Angry

Well, you might not believe that Lord Ganesha can actually get angry but once the moon laughed at Ganesha’s fat belly. As a result, Ganesha cursed the moon and said that on Vinayagar Chaturthi, whoever will look at the moon, he would be falsely blamed. That’s why people believe in not looking at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesha Got Angry

The Tale Of Banana-Bride

Well, this tale is believed in West Bengal and the tale says that once Goddess Durga was devouring food. Ganesha asked his mother about this plight. To this, Goddess Durga replied; “What if your wife does not give enough food to eat after you get married?”. Then, Ganesha went to cut a Banana tree and gave it to his mother saying; “This is your daughter-in-law”. So, even today during Durga puja, Banana tree wrapped in a saree and adorned with vermilion is placed on the right side of Lord Ganesha as his wife.

Ganesha Tale Of Banana-Bride

His Footprints In Other Religions

Lord Ganesha is not only worshiped by Hindus but by Buddhists too. In Buddhism, Ganesha is referred to as Vinayaka and is worshiped in countries like Tibet, China, and Japan. His wisdom, knowledge, and ideologies are revered by devotees from everywhere.

Footprints In Other Religions

These were some of the interesting facts about lord Ganesha that will make you love him even more. So, while you send your loved one's Ganesh Chaturthi wishes, don't forget to enlighten them with these interesting facts too. Additionally, make them feel like a part of your celebration by offering heartfelt tokens of appreciation. If you're unsure about what to gift, consider searching for Ganpati gift ideas to simplify the process. You can also explore both online platforms and local markets to find Ganesh Chaturthi gifts, and we're confident you'll discover something that suits your taste!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi you all

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