15 Types of Lily Flowers for Your Garden

Lilies are among those recognised summer garden flowers that add beauty to the garden, and their gorgeous cut makes them peculiar gifts too! There are many varieties of lilies, and some of them you would find similar to white lily flowers that grow well in the garden space. You often look for white lily flowers or various lilies to grow in the garden or gift but find it overwhelming to pick the perfect one. So, looking for a lily online is a great option to adorn your garden. But have you thought of which white lily flowers you want to have? Well, if not, then scroll down to look for the gorgeous variety of lilies that can beautify your garden space.

15 Types of Lily Flowers for Your Garden

1. Nankeen Lilies

Nankeen lily starts to bloom in late spring, giving a gorgeous look to the garden with its orange shade resembling the summer one. It grows to four feet tall and usually has bright orange flowers on its stems. So, adding the nankeen lily is kind of a great choice to make. Glorify the garden with its sun setting shade and enjoy its slight fragrance while having a cup of tea.

Nankeen Lilies

2. Matrix Lilies

Matrix lilies are Asiatic hybrid lilies that grow from full sun to part sun, adding a mesmerizing look to the garden with its intense colours. You would find almost seven blooms per stem that bloom in midsummers. So, if you are looking to add magnificent colours to the garden, these matrix Asiatic hybrid lilies are good to go. They grow up to 3-4 feet tall, so add Matrix to your garden.

Matrix Lilies

3. Trumpet Lilies

Trumpet lilies fragrance is incredible, and one of its type African Queen is the most cherished one. Trumpet lilies come in a variety wherein some you would find dozens of bulbs blooming and whereas in some, you would find very few. They have long, broad leaves but not as long as oriental ones. This plant often grows 8 feet tall, and with its star-shaped throat, it gives a stunning look to the garden. It comes in the shade of pink, orange, cream, yellow and white, making it one of the white lily flowers that go well with the garden.

Trumpet Lilies

4. Orienpet Lilies

Orienpet Lilies grow up to 1 to 3 feet tall, and their aromatic blooms spread the scent around the garden. The buds grow from 6 to 10 inches across, and shades come in pink, yellow, orange, red and white. So, this can be another white lily flower that you can grow in the garden. As the name suggests, Orienpet, these lilies cross between oriental lilies and trumpet lilies and have a stunning selection of flowers and make the gorgeous cut flowers of the time.

Orienpet Lilies

5. Canada Lilies

Canada lilies are what you need to have shade-tolerant lilies and go well with moist meadows and woodland gardens. In the orange and yellow shade, these lilies make the garden appear beautiful. This plant grows from 2-4 feet tall with 3 to 8 leaves on each stem and 5-20 nodding blooms. Their appearance is often depicted as tiger lilies, but both are different when seen minutely.

Canada Lilies

6. Longiflorum Lilies

Longiflorum lilies, also known as Easter lilies, are mostly sold as holiday plants. These white lily flowers exclusively add elegance to the garden with a slight fragrance in nature. These white lily flowers are forced to bloom off-season, and by the time of Easter, it is said to be the perfectly timed bloom. They grow up to 1 to 3 feet tall and can survive upto -20 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the perfect Easter lilies to gift to your loved ones or adorn the garden with white lily flowers.

Longiflorum Lilies

7. Luxor Lilies

The gold and bronze shades of Luxor lilies give a luxurious look to your summer garden. You can also add them besides the orange cosmos or some other flowers to beautify your garden in a better way. These come from hybrid plants, so their seeds are not enough to cultivate them. Replant the bulb scales to grow more. They bloom in midsummers giving an aesthetic look to your summer garden.

Luxor Lilies

8. Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies are perfect for those who are new to lily growing. Tiger lilies bloom from mid to late summer, adorning the garden space with its unique tiger kind of petals of flowers. These orange shade lilies look stunning with dots in the middle. It can grow up to 3-4 feet tall in full sun to part shade. So, add glory to your garden with these tiger lilies.

Tiger Lilies

9. Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies are often smaller than other lilies and are favourite to deer and rabbits with no fragrance. They come in a variety of flowers in shades of creamy white, red, orange and yellow with spots on them. You would find 3-6 blooms per stem and make a beautiful, long-lasting cut flower in the garden. So, this can also be a part of white lily flowers because of its creamy white flowers but a spotted one and smaller than you think of. Some of the most popular Asiatic lilies are Heartstrings, Starlette, Night Rider, Rosella’s Dream and Netty’s Pride.

Asiatic Lilies

10. Madonna Lilies

The aesthetic lily to adorn your garden with is the Madonna lily. Its gorgeous white trumpet makes it a part of white lily flowers that grow in the Middle East and have a beautiful appearance in the garden. Its hybrids can be found in pink, yellow, red, mauve, and orange and its sweet cologne can add the fragrance in the garden that you may prefer.

Madonna Lilies

11. Casa Blanca Lilies

Casa Blanca is another white lily flower to cherish that is used mostly in wedding bouquets and feels great in the garden. Its stunning white colours add serenity and tranquillity to the garden space. It is one of the stunning oriental hybrids that attracts light sweet scents in the garden. It grows up to 3 to 4 feet tall and blooms in midsummer.

Casa Blanca Lilies

12. Turk’s Cap Lilies

With their unique structure and shape, these lilies are unmistakable. When you look at their design minutely, you will see it as a butterfly dangling in flower stalks gracefully. This plant grows upto 6 feet tall, having dozens of blooms in one branch. They are often referred to as Martagon lilies and come in various colours like orange, pink, yellow and red. Most of the varieties of Turk’s cap lilies are aromatic and add peculiarity to the garden space.

Turk’s Cap Lilies

13. Oriental Lilies

There are many good reasons to grow oriental lilies but only one reason not to have. As you cut the oriental lilies, they can produce a lot of pollen that can trigger allergies or stain the furniture. While these are the most fragrant flowers, especially during the evening hours, they spread the perfume in the garden space. They grow 2 to 5 feet tall and come in the shade of pink and red. You also find them in yellow and white, making them a part of white lily flowers that look amazing in the garden.

Oriental Lilies

14. Corleone Lilies

Corleone is another splendid lily flower to look forward to. With its bright red blooms, it adorns the garden space with fascinating sturdy flowers. It grows a maximum of 4 feet tall and beautifies the garden with its existence. If you cut it and place it in a water vase, it can last for a few days adding embellishment to your interiors too!

Corleone Lilies

15. LA Hybrid Lilies

As the hybrid name suggests, LA Hybrid lilies are a combination of Asiatic lilies and Easter-type lilies that come in a wide range of colours and stand out in the garden. With 7 inches across, this LA hybrid plant grows 4 feet tall. Unlike Asiatic lilies, this lily type has no fragrance but is sexier, elegant, bolder and more prominent than these. Apart from this, LA hybrid lilies bloom for weeks making the garden look eye-catchy.

LA Hybrid Lilies

These are some of the lilies apart from white lily flowers that adorn the garden well and add fragrance, colours and beauty to your garden space. We hope we helped you to get the knowledge on some elegant and enchanting lilies with this piece of writing.