20+ Best Teddy Bear Quotes Ideas for Your Loved One

Hey Cuties! You are about to read some comfy and lovely teddy bear quotes because nothing is as cute & adorable as teddy bears. Whether you plan to send one as a gift or you just want to hang a wall frame, quotes on teddy bears shared here fit like a toothpick in the cake.

20+ Best Teddy Bear Quotes Ideas for Your Loved One

1. You are such a teddy that I can't stop myself from sending you a mushy plushy teddy bear.

2. Everything in life I share, except, of course, my teddy bear. So, here is a one for you, don't share with anyone else.

3. Be the teddy of my life! Be that friend I can always fall upon! Be my comfort!

4. O dear plushy teddy bear, don't let the person take off stress through beer, be a friend with one whom I am gifting you!

5. A fluffy friend that will always make you smile!

6. Make friends with a bear and you will never be alone!

7. A teddy bear can heal a broken heart without even moving!

8. Need a laughing and crying buddy? Get a teddy. A teddy will sit by you, always!

9. Hug the teddy and feel the coziness of heaven beside you!

10. Paly with it, cuddle with it, fight with it, sleep on it, and a lot more! Mr Teddy Bear won't complain a bit.

11. Just like the Teddy, may your life be always filled with comfort and vibes to scatter happiness all around.

12. No one hates Teddies as they have that charismatic aura to attract everyone within the first gaze.

13. Every Teddy knows how to make people smile. No magic, no spells, and yet they manage to lift up the mood!

14. Do you know why I send you a Teddy? Because you bring comfort to my life and I want to cuddle tight with you!

15. It is not just a toy but a partner to share your feeling with. It will listen politely and reply to you for comfort without uttering a word.

16. The warmth and the hug...That the mind mug up...Can't be express in words...Sending this teddy to make you feel my love

17. When tears are about to make rain, and you play along to drain, no words to wind the hay, a teddy to hold your my bae!

18. The humbleness and constant smile, the softness and the bright eyes, a gift for me are you, the teddy for constant new!

19. The heart with full of love, the hug full of warmth, my world is you, keen to move close to me, open you as wide as warm to hold me, as the teddy brings.

20. I can’t buy you happiness, but I can buy the next best thing for you-a teddy bear.

Picking a teddy for your love, you can’t present it without teddy bear quotes for love. And how about coupling a teddy bear with flowers?

Oh my god! Can’t handle so much adorableness!