20 Funny Gifts for Teacher's Day

As the much-awaited Teacher's Day approaches, it's the perfect opportunity to honour your educators with a splash of humour and a generous dose of affection. Wave goodbye to mundane gifts and embrace a world of funny and endearing presents that will undoubtedly paint a smile on your teachers' faces.

We are sharing with you funny gifts for teachers because they come with a cool and x-factor appeal and because celebrations are best when infused with fun, laughter, and cheers. Teacher-student relationships have always been disciplined ones; by choosing to give funny gifts for teachers, you have a chance to share a hearty laugh with them. (And you will be spared for all your mischievousness on this day).

Why settle for the conventional when you can embrace the extraordinary via funny gifts ideas for teachers? So, here are teachers day prank gifts that they will love receiving. (They, too, are bored with those pens and flowers)

Funny Gifts for Teachers

1) Chill Pills

Without a doubt, teachers are always in angry mode, sometimes with reasons, and many-a-times without. Being that modest student, you may not be able to say to your teacher, Take a Chill-Pill, but this gift will say it all. It’s a jar of colourful and sweet pills with a prescription on it.

Chill Pills

2) Grammar Tshirt and Badge

For that English teacher who the entire school has a crush on, including some of her co-professors, this one is the best gift. A t-shirt and badge imprinted with words “ I’m silently correcting your grammar.” And a badge “don’t make me use my teacher’s voice” is one way to make her smile wide, the one that takes your breath away. Also, with this gift, you can indirectly tell her not to be a Grammar Nazi, every time.

Grammar Tshirt and Badge

3) Handmade Greeting Card

If you don’t feel like giving a greeting card from the Archies, handcraft one exclusively for your teacher. Also, if you want to make your teacher smile while reading the card, by giving her Teachers Day Gifts, make sure to add some of the hilarious messages and wishes. We have listed a few for you, rest you can either write on your own or take help from someone, like the web.

● It takes a big heart and a large, extra-strong coffee to shape little minds.

● Every teacher before they draw on the board: I am not an artist.

● That moment when your teacher gets off track and starts telling stories about life.

● Don’t make me get out my red pen.

Handmade Greeting Card

4) Coffee Mug

Teachers can’t do without books, pens, and coffee mugs, which is why mugs will be perfect Teachers Day gifts. Your teacher(s) have many different coloured mugs. What they need is something quirky and funny. So, give them coffee mugs printed with the words “I teach, therefore I drink,” “they, their, they’re,” and “tears of my student.”

Coffee Mug

5) Sassy Teacher Stickers

We are sure in your life, you must have come across a teacher with a sassy attitude. Compliment him or her by giving them Sassy teacher stickers such as You can’t scare me; I am a teacher, Don’t make me get out of the syllabus, The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I dismiss you.

Sassy Teacher Stickers

6) Drinking Glass

In your whole student life, if you have ever got a scolding and abuse from a teacher (which we are sure you have), don’t hold grudges. Instead, make peace with him or her by gifting a drinking mug engraved with “The universe is made of protons, neutrons, electrons, and morons.”

Drinking Glass

7) Face Mask

The most appropriate and welcomed gift for the current times is a face mask. Get the mask customized with the words “There is a teacher beneath the mask” to make it more appealing than the usual face masks.

Face Mask

8) Desk Toy

Offer a whimsical stress-relieving toy that adds a dash of playfulness to their workspace. Every glance at this playful gadget is sure to elicit a smile during busy days.

Funny Desk Toy

9) Bookmarks with Puns

Cater to their academic side with bookmarks adorned with clever puns relevant to the subjects they teach. For instance, "Math-terpiece" for math enthusiasts adds a touch of wit to their reading routines.

Bookmark with Puns

10) Teacher-themed Socks

Embrace their passion for teaching with socks adorned with school-themed motifs. It's a playful way for them to wear their profession with pride.

Teachers Themed Socks

11) Whimsical Keychain

Elevate their daily essentials with a keychain boasting a mini blackboard or a chalk design. This delightful accessory brings a touch of their classroom to their everyday life.

Whimsical Keychains

12) Novelty Scented Candles

Elevate your teachers' ambience with candles carrying unique scents and saying things like "Grade Papers in Peace" or "Detention Escape." It will be a perfect 'soothing and humourous' gift.

Scented Candels

13) Teaching Survival Kit:

Create a playful survival kit with items like erasers (for mistakes), a whistle (for classroom management), and chocolate (for energy).

Teaching Survival Kit

14) Quirky Sticky Notes

Provide sticky notes with witty prints, such as "Notes from the Wise One" or "To-Do List: Rule the World." You will find a plethora of ideas to gift your teacher and have a hearty laugh together.

Quickry Sticky Notes

15)Quirky Tumbler

Surprise your teachers with a tumbler featuring humorous quotes like "Sip Happens", "Tears of Students", or "Teachers Fuelled by Coffee and Chaos."

Quirky Tumbler

16) Set of Quirky-Quoted Pencils

Provide a set of pencils with witty phrases like "I'm not a control freak, I'm a teacher" and "No mistakes, just happy accidents."

Quirky Quoted Pencils

17) Quirky Spiral Notebooks

Gift spiral notebooks adorned with clever sayings such as "I am a math teacher (of course I have problems)" and "I had an argument with a 90-degree angle; turns out it was right." These notebooks will surely make them chuckle during note-taking.

Sprial Notebook

18) Plant with a Pun

Extend your gratitude with a potted plant paired with a clever tagline like "Thanks for helping me grow." This green companion serves as a tangible symbol of their nurturing guidance.

Plant with an Pun

19) Funky Pen Holder

Elevate their workspace aesthetics with a pen holder fashioned as an oversized pencil or an imaginative object. This charming addition turns their desk into a creative haven.

Funny Pen Holder

20) Funny Reward Stickers

Add a touch of warmth and recognition for everything your teachers have done. Get them a set of funny yet amazing stickers that are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

Funny Reward Stickers

Wrapping Up

There you have the perfect list of funny gift ideas for teachers that you can choose from. Recognising that the bond between teachers and students often carries a serious tone, a touch of laughter and joy can be just the delightful twist you need. Select any of the funny gifts for teachers from the above-listed options, but remember to thank them for everything they have done!