35 Occasions That Definitely Call For a Cake

As soon as you think of a celebration, the first thing that pops in your head is the cake.

Truly, in order to make an occasion remarkable, cake is the first thing that counts. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a date night, cake fits in just perfectly.

But in case you are looking for excuses to savour the delicious treat, here are 35 occasions that definitely bring you the reason to do the same.

  • Eat Cake Whenever You Want If You Love Cakes

    1. Just Because...

    You feel like having it! You absolutely love cakes and don’t wish to wait for an occasion to savour your favourite flavour of gateau!

  •  Celebrate Your Little Kid’s Bash or Your Beloved’s Birthday with a Cake

    2. Birthday

    Well, don’t miss the ritual of birthdays cake cutting . Whether it’s your little kid’s bash or your beloved’s birthday, make sure you turn it into a ‘perfect’ one with the SURPRISE!

  • Celebrate Anniversary with a Cake

    3. Anniversary

    Every milestone in love calls for a celebration. Be it a one month anniversary, silver jubilee or a golden jubilee, don’t forget the anniversary cake.

  • Express Your Love to Your Partner with a Beautiful Cake on Valentine's Day

    4. Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is about expressing your deepest love for someone special to you. And you definitely need something sweet to mark the moment. Well, what better than a delicious cake?

  • Celebrate Women's Day by Sending a Cake to the Speical Ladies in Your Life

    5. Women’s Day

    Acknowledge the strength of women and thank each of them. Send them a cake to honour their womanhood and let them know they have affected your life in so many positive ways.

  •  Celebrate Men's Day with a Cake and Say Thank to the Special Man in Your Life

    6. Well, Men’s Day too!

    This less acknowledged day surely deserves recognition. Thank the special man with a cake for contributing so greatly in your life.

  • Show Your Love to Your Mother with a Cake on Mother's Day

    7. Mother’s Day

    Thank your mom for all the sacrifices she made just for you. From making you the number one priority in life to giving up rest to rock you back to sleep, a mother’s job is hands down difficult.

  •  Celebrate Father's Day with a Beautiful Cake and Express Your Love

    8. Father’s Day

    You can never repay your father for working day and night uncomplainingly and bettering your life in countless ways. But a little gesture goes a long way!

  •  Send Warm Wishes to Your Daughter with a Surprise Cake on Daughter's Day

    9. Daughter’s Day

    Pour in your warm wishes for your little angel with a surprise of the special cake. No matter how old your daughter is, receiving love from parents is always the sweetest thing in the world.

  • Say Thanks to Your Teacher on Teacher's Day

    10. Teacher’s Day

    Teachers shape lives with utmost patience and compassion. They go beyond the subject and nurture their students in all ways possible. A day dedicated to them is so less to thank for everything they do.

  • Celebrate Children's Day with a Surprise of a Delicious Cake

    11. Children’s Day

    We bet there wouldn’t be any child who wouldn’t love cakes. See them all bright and grinning with the surprise of a delicious cake.

  • Show Your Love on Grand Parent's Day With a Cake

    12. Grandparent’s Day

    People hardly remember this day or celebrate it. But think of the bright curve on your grandparent’s face when you treat them so lovingly with a cake.

  • Christmas Celebration With Cake

    13. Christmas

    This occasion needs no introduction. Just order a cake online or get your hands into baking and make your Christmas merry.

  • Celebrate House-Warming Party With a Cake

    14. House-Warming Party

    Bought a house? Share the bliss with all your near and dear ones by throwing a house-warming party and cutting a cake to celebrate the occasion.

  •  Celebration of Baby Shower with a Beautiful Cake

    15. Baby Shower

    Welcome the child with sweetness and celebrate the transformation into parenthood. Make a mark with a unique photo cake or shape cake.

  • Celebrate Parent’s Day with a Cake

    16. Employee’s Last Day at Office

    While an employee is leaving the organisation, make sure he leaves with some happy and sweet memories. Bid farewell with sweet joys and happy memories.

  • Cake to Celebrate Employee’s Last Day at Office

    17. Fresher’s Party

    While you plan to throw a Fresher’s party, make sure the cake is there in your list. With a delicious treat for everyone to savour, the party is sure to turn into a fun-filled one.

  • Cake for Farewell Party

    18. Farewell Party

    Saying goodbye is always hard. Expressing the feeling through words can become difficult. Say it with a cake and send out good wishes to the ones leaving.

  • Celebration of Company's Success with a Beautiful Cake

    19. Corporate Anniversary

    To celebrate the Platinum, Golden or Silver Jubilee of your Company, choose a cake and double up the celebration of success.

  • Celebrate Parent’s Day with a Cake

    20. Parent’s Day

    For everything that your parents do for you and every sacrifice they make, they deserve to smile. Celebrate parent’s day with a cake and thank them for being wonderful parents.

  • Celebrate the Wedding Event by Cutting the Cake

    21. Wedding

    While you or someone close to you is adding a new page to their life, celebrate the wedding event by cutting the cake.

  • Celebrate the Promotion in Office with a Scrumptious Cake

    22. Promotion

    Someone in your office just got promoted? Put your party caps on and celebrate the event with a scrumptious cake.

  • Show Your Love to Your Favourite Sibling by Sending a Cake of Their Favourite Flavour

    23. Sibling Love

    You don’t need an occasion to show love to your favourite sibling. Surprise your sibling living miles away by sending a cake of their favourite flavour.

  •  Celebrate Family Get-Together with a Cake

    24. Family Get Together

    In the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s hard to take time out for family get togethers and picnics. So when you do, make sure you turn it into a celebration with a cake.

  • Diwali Celebration with a Cake of Your or Your Loved One's Choice

    25. Diwali

    Share some sweetness with your loved ones staying miles away by sending a sweet token of love. While you can’t see them on every special occasion, you can make your presence felt with a cake of their choice.

  •  Holi Celebration with A Delectable Cake for Your Loved Ones

    26. Holi

    Holi is all about savouring a variety of sweet delicacies. Make a difference by adding another to your list. Order cakes and share the sweetness of the occasion with your close ones.

  •  New Year Celebration by Cutting Cake at Midnight

    27. New Year

    Just when the clock strikes 12, cut the cake, share the bite and shout out your wishes loud!

  •  Friendship Day Celebration with a Delicious Cake

    28. Friendship Day

    Life without friends is a boring business! On this special day, celebrate the invaluable role of your friends in life with a slice of a delicious cake.

  •  Celebrate Graduation Completion by Cutting Cake

    29. On Completing Graduation

    Well, graduation completion is not an ending but a new beginning. Your journey filled with trials and challenges where you rediscovered yourself got to be celebrated.

  • Celebrate Alumni Meet with a Mouth-watering Treat for All Your Old Buddies.

    30. Alumni Meet

    Meet all your old buddies and recount old days of fun and laughter with a mouth-watering treat.

  • Bachelor Party Celebration with A Delicious Cake

    31. Bachelor Party

    The life you are leaving behind to embark a new journey needs a proper goodbye. Say adieu to your single life and cheers to the coming times with sweetness.

  • Celebrate Grand Opening of Your Office, Business or Else by Sharing Cake

    32. Grand Opening

    Starting a new business, opening a new branch, or moving to a new location? It’s time to plan the event and create a positive impression on the customers and employees by adding sweetness to the occasion.

  • A Delectable Cake That Will Make Your Engagement Day Special

    33. Engagement

    A wedding engagement marks an important event in someone’s life. Make the day special for the couple by bringing a cake to the occasion.

  • Celebrate Job Anniversary by Sharing Sweetness With Your Colleagues

    34. Job Anniversary

    Help the employees reminisce their Day One by making their anniversary special for them. After all, nothing feels better than a little joy at workplace.

  •  Celebrate Boss's Day by Sending a Surprise Cake to Your Boss

    35. Boss’s Day

    Many might not know but Boss’s Day falls on October 16th. So, you might just hop into your boss’s cabin with a surprise cake and thank him for being a great boss.