5 Best Cakes To Celebrate Women's Day

Every day is Women’s Day. Indeed. One dare not imagine a world without women, let alone living in that world. For this very reason, International Women’s Day on 8th March is more exceptional than the other days of the year.

Remarkable days like Women’s Day demands and deserves a celebration that is sweet and wondrous. And if the very thought that crosses your mind upon reading this is honouring Women’s Day with cakes, then you have got an eye for perfection!

Like cake, women bring sweetness and happiness to one’s life. Thus, Women’s Day celebration and cakes go hand-in-hand.

Read on to know five best Womens Day cakes that will heighten up the merriment of the day by manifolds.

Women's Day Cake

1 Heart-Shape Cake

The world portrays heart with a DIL symbol. However, the shape of your heart is depicted by the lovely women of your life. To celebrate your Dil-ka-Tukdas-- your mom, sister, friend, wife, or girlfriend, go with a heart-shaped cake. The intricate spongy layers, the drooling flavours, and the perfect heart-shape will make the recipient fall in love with the shape and every bite of the cake. And, for decades to come, she will sing Oh-I-Oh-I-Oh-I, I am in love with this heart-shape cake.

Heart Shape Cake

2 Personalised Cake

Your life is baked with flavourful moments because of women. It can be the childhood memories with your mom and sister, the lovely moments with your lover, or the crazy times with your best enemy--your friend. How about baking precious moments into a cake and relishing it? Yes, photo and poster cakes give you a drool-worthy opportunity to make the women of your life taste the sweet nectar of loving memories over personalised cakes. Several cakeries and bakeries are offering customised online cakes with doorstep delivery feature.

Personalised Cake

3 Designer Cake

Nothing matches the beauty of designer cakes. The fondant detailings are worth appreciating and tasting. Enchant the taste buds, eyes, and their senses by presenting them designer Womens Day Cake. Princess theme cake, Lady-Boss cake, shopping theme based cake or cake in the shape of starting alphabet of her name are some of the ideal choices. As it’s her day, choose the cake flavour of her choice to mark the day as most memorable.

Designer Cake

4 Vegan Cake

If she is a vegan soul, nothing will please her more than a vegan cake. Among the many tokens, a vegan cake will be the most cherished women's day gifts for her. Available in delectable flavours of chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, mango, pineapple, and coffee cake-- a vegan cake is a sure winner if your woman is vegan.

Vegan Cake

5 Cupcakes

Making the woman of your life happy is only a cupcake away. Surprise her with a box of cupcakes frosted with edible posters bearing your wishes for her, or with fondant words “Happy Women’s Day.” Happiness comes in varying shapes, and cupcakes are proof of it.


Mark the International Women’s Day with Womens Day Special Cake because all she needs in life is your love and a cake.