15 Best Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Home

Are you looking for some fresh inspiration to cheer up your space with a touch of green? Well, we know you are!

Whether you are a green thumb or someone with a newly found interest in plants, you will need to do your share of research before decking your window sill or centre table with houseplants. Apart from making your interiors inviting and luxurious, indoor plants are also acclaimed to make the indoor air healthier. So, you can always count on plants as a route to add colour and texture to your living space. However, it is indispensable to keep in mind that the way they match up to your interior setting plays a role in lifting up space too.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Home

Make your plants the main feature of your home by not just placing them in the corners but as centrepieces. Step up from the standard potted plants and opt for hanging house plants as your new decor idea. Whether you have a smaller space or wish to add extra flair with the breathing greenery, hanging plants ideas is a great way for a green inspired space. So, keep your plant enthusiasm strong and check out the types of indoor hanging plants below:

1. Marble Pothos

Marble pothos are climbing vines that will make a picturesque view from a hanging basket. They are easy to maintain hanging house plants with variegated leaves that trail down to live a lush tropical vibe. They are moderate to fast growers that are easily propagated by stem cuttings.

Marble Pothos

2. Orchids

Orchids bloom fragrant flowers and are well suited for hanging baskets for proper air circulation. There are dramatic varieties of orchids well suited for hanging baskets. For instance, Spider Orchids have long and thin petals resembling spider legs; Dancing lady orchids have long lasting and colourful flowers in green, white and burgundy; Fairy Orchids bearing flowers in white, terracotta, purple and pink.


3. Air Plant

Air plants are highly versatile and easy to keep making them best indoor hanging plants as they require minimal care thereby, becoming any gardener’s favourite. They can be placed in glass capsules or macrame hanging plant holders. They require bright, indirect light and weekly watering.

Air Plant

4. Boston Fern

One of the traditional hanging indoor plants in India, Boston ferns add frilly greenery to the space because of their distinctive arching fronds. They require moist soil, however make sure the soil does not turn soggy. You must continue pruning the brown fronds to propagate growth.

Boston Fern

5. English Ivy

English Ivy has green, glossy leaves forming cascading vines, when suspended in a hanging basket. They work best for larger spaces since they grow long. They are also one of the best types of hanging plants that act as air purifiers. They thrive in cool temperatures with moist soil.

English Ivy

6. Spider Plant

Spider plants have spindly leaves that are bright green in colour striped white down the middle or edges. When exposed to bright daylight, they produce beautiful small white flowers. Because of their cascading growth, they work well for hanging planters.

Spider Plant

7. Burro’s Tail

If you are looking for stylish hanging plants ideas, Burro’s Tail is your option. This succulent has trailing stems with thick and juicy leaves in a braided pattern. Create your own (controlled) jungle with this eye catching and funky hanging house plant.

Burro’s Tail

8. String of Pearls

String of Pearls is one of the most Insta worthy hanging house plants with green bubble shaped leaves all along its slender stems cascading downwards from the hanging basket. This pretty succulent demands moist soil and indirect bright sunlight.

String of Pearls

9. Peperomia

Peperomia thrive best between 65-80 °F. It has ornamental foliage with round, fleshy leaves and sturdy stems. The bushy and trailing variety of Peperomia grows about 30 cm to 60 cm making them an ideal hanging variety of houseplants. The succulent-looking plant requires medium indirect light.


10. Petunia

Petunias bear voluminous flowers on their long, flowing stems. One of the most common concerns with petunias is how often petunias should be watered. Well, hanging petunias will most likely need to be watered every day. However, you can also check the water needs by sticking your finger on the soil. If the top inch feels dry, it’s time to water them. Grandiflora is a type of petunia best suited for hanging containers.


11. Pansies

The word “pansy” is derived from the French pensée, meaning “thought.” Pansies are one of the most popular plants with heart-shaped overlapping petals in pretty bright colours. This annual cool weather houseplant prefers bright sun and regular watering to produce lots of blooms. The flowers look like ‘faces’


12. Nemesia

Nemesia have attained huge popularity because of the rainbow colours they are available in. The annual flowering plant with blooms in red, blue, purple, orange, yellow is quite low maintenance and has a quick growing habit, making it a viable option for hanging baskets.


13. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns are epiphytic evergreens, that is, they hang on the tree sides in nature or wooden plaques. A growing Staghorn fern with antler-like fronds is chained from the tree crotches and large tree limbs and they get their nutrients from the air and fallen plant matter.

Staghorn Fern

14. Lobelia

Lobelia are plants with showy blooms that grow a mass of electric blue, purple, pink or red flowers. Hanging lobelias can grow as wide as 15 inches. Lobelias prefer full sun in mild summer, evenly moist soil and require light trimming if the flowering wanes.


15. Baby’s Tears

The delicate plant has a spread or mat or tiny leaves on thin stems. Baby’s tears require little maintenance and bear white star shaped flowers. They spread very quickly and spill on the sides, when hung in a container. The plant is susceptible to root rot in cases of overwatering and soggy soil.

Baby’s Tears

It is always an interesting idea to pair standing plants with lofty hanging house plants ideas for adding colour and height to your indoor scenes. So, hang on some colourful pots with these suitable hanging house plants for an attractive annual display.

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