5 Most Innovative Designer Birthday Cakes

Designer Cakes are the new must-haves when it comes to occasions and grand events. Trending as ever, the designer cakes also known as the fondant cakes are in demand because of their appealing look. Easily adorned with delectable caricatures, these can be personalized in terms of design and flavors or in a drool-worthy theme you want. One of their well-explored categories is Birthday designer cakes. Nowadays, a birthday celebration without a fondant cake is considered sugarless. So, a theme cake is a must-have to make the celebration grander. If you think that the world is restricted to only a limited variety of cakes and flavors, you need to hold on. There are endless fondant cakes options available and listing all of them in one breath is not possible. So, to make things easier, we are listing 5 most innovative designer birthday cakes that can help you bag loads of appreciation in a birthday celebration!

Types of designer cakes

Flamingo Cake

Do you know every cake has a meaning? Yes, if we are talking about a variety of designer birthday cakes here, we must know the meaning behind each cake. Ever Heard of the saying “In a world full of pigeons be a flamingo”?

The flamingo spirit animal symbolizes beauty, grace, and elegance. The animal is known for its unique color, height, and grace. Flamingo cake has become a design icon of the moment. The long legs and lush pink feathers make them look appealing. So imagine a fondant cake of flamingo enhancing the center table of your birthday celebration.

flamingo cake

Pirate Skull Cake

The second on the list is one of the fanciest and unique cakes of all time! A pirate skull cake is one of a kind triple threat of a dessert and if you’re looking for a showstopper birthday cake to wow your guests, this is just what you need! Skulls cakes are generally used in Halloween parties, but, a boozy chocolate skull cake can be a fantastic centerpiece for your birthday party! So imagine, there’s a spooky skull covered in a thin coating of white chocolate icing and how cool it will look when you will do the cake cutting, the melting chocolate coming from inside will make the guests awestruck.

pirate skull cake

Watermelon Cake

A watermelon cake, as the name sounds is one of the most interesting cakes you can ever include in a birthday celebration. If you are looking to have a quirky birthday celebration this is the go-to-go birthday cake. Treat your guests with a spongy delicious watermelon cake. If you want to make your birthday party look more interesting plan an on-trend watermelon theme party that will have everything in the shape of a watermelon be it invitation cards, balloons, food, etc.

watermelon cake

Chocolate Flower Cake

Flowers don’t need an occasion to celebrate. Why not make include it in cakes? And, what could be better than a lush chocolate flower cake? A fun and easy way to decorate any cake. There are different types of chocolate flower cakes available out there where beautiful and flamboyant fondant flowers embellish the top of the cake. If you are a chocolate lover, Include designer birthday cakes in your celebration.

chocolate flower cake

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character kitty white, she is a girl that is depicted with a red bow and notably no mouth. The famous cartoon character that is loved by all the little girls. If your little one is asking for a birthday party look no further than a cute hello kitty cake. It is such a sweet theme for any little girl.

hello kitty birthday cake

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