What are Some Creative One-Month Anniversary Gift Ideas?

A month of knowing each other, embracing and accepting each other's flaws calls for celebrating one month anniversary. While you have enjoyed each other’s crazy company being in love, you are looking forward to crossing many such anniversaries together. To keep the romance intact, both the partners must be able to know each other’s choices and be able to surprise each other with anniversary gifts to mark this special occasion. Here are a few creative suggestions that could help you celebrate the love shared by you both.

 one-month anniversary celebration

1. Romantic Meal

Though, cheesy or cliched stuff is way too childish. But, at times it feels good to celebrate anniversaries like a teenager couple, rather than like grown-ups ( as it has just been a month of you guys being together). So, going to a posh restaurant with a cozy, warm or romantic decor always sounds like a plan. As per gifting is considered in this scenario, you can gift your partner a bunch of flowers or a lip-smacking cake. Spend some quality time together, giggling and bitching about others. If you are not up for going out, simply cook a meal for your partner. There’s nothing more romantic or sexier than this arrangement.

couples romantic meal

2. Shopping Coupons

One of the safest gifting options if you aren’t sure about what your partner is going to like. You can gift him/her shopping vouchers of a favourite brand so that accordingly he/she can purchase something of a choice. Along with the coupon, write something personal yet creative for the other person, that will surely make his/her day.

shopping with coupons

3. Weekend Getaway

Anniversaries are one such occasion which can be used as an excuse to spend some quality time together and away from your in-laws or families. If you have been looking forward to executing something like this for a long time, then this is it! Look for some destination nearby or where you can reach easily in the time planned. And surprise your partner with all the surprise plan. Not only your plan shall be talked about, but also it will end up making other couples jealous.

 weekend getaway

4. Movie Marathon

Reminiscence about those dating days where you guys used to catch up for movies while bunking your classes. Take your anniversary day off and chill with your bae, watching all Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Get all the DVDs and a bowl of popcorn ready to binge-watch all your favourite genres. This will surely be a day to remember for the rest of your lives!

couples movie marathon

5. Personalised Gifts

Adding a personal touch of love in your regular gifting options gives a whole new meaning to the gift, as well as to purpose. There are plenty of personalised gifting options available online, so one can place their orders accordingly. From personalised photo frames to personalised mugs to the night lamps, any one of these gifts is sure to bring a sweet smile on your partner’s face.

personalised gifts

These were a few creative gifting options for one month anniversary that you can modify as per your preference and budget. Let there be only love and no boring surprises because one month anniversaries are always special.