5 Simple Cupcake Decoration Ideas

Do you love baking? Well, baking is an art and so is the talent of decorating a cake by using your own wits and ideas. The simpler the decoration, the prettier the cake looks. Whether it is decorating homemade cupcakes or different types of cakes, the frosting and the beautiful decorations on the top, make it stand off the rest of the things in the celebration. Cupcakes are a delight to the eye and the tongue. The moist base along with the lip-smacking frosting makes the little delights even more tastier. Cupcakes are easier to decorate and look prettier on the outside too.

cupcake decorating ideas

If you have baked these cute little delights and are now planning to decorate them, here are some easy and quick, cupcake decorating ideas that will completely delight your kids and loved ones. From chocolate cupcakes to vanilla flavored cupcakes, you can turn your cake into a masterpiece with these cupcake decoration ideas.

The Hydrangea Decoration:

These cupcakes not only taste delicious on the inside but also look pretty on the outside. The Hydrangea decoration is very easy to master and you can begin with tinting some frosting of different colors like blue, violet, pink and green.

Hydrangea Decoration

Now take a 2-D decoration bag and and layer it with blue and lavender frosting in the decorating bag. As the frosting gets piped out, it will blend and look more natural and resemble a real hydrangea flower.

The Marshmallow Decoration:

This decoration looks beautiful and fluffy on the outside with the perfect marshmallow dream sitting on top of the cupcakes.

 Marshmallow cake decoration

Transfer the frosting in a piping bag. Later, brown under your boiler or toast with a kitchen torch. This toasted frosting looks beautiful on the outside and has a delicious taste too.

Daisy Decoration:

Convert your cupcakes into beautiful daisy flowers that look bright and beautiful. All you have to do is tint some vanilla buttercream frosting into a yellow color and let some remain white. Pipe out a circle around the cupcake and then pipe out the flowers, applying consistent pressure from bottom to top and working in sections.

 Daisy cake decoration

After the petals are done, pipe out the center and then go back in with the smaller dots for details and your daisies are ready.

Sheep Cupcakes Decoration:

Sheep cupcakes look bright and colorful on the outside and with green and brown colors. Make a sheep head for every cupcake that you crumble and add ½ tablespoons of frosting to the cupcakes. Use some little candies for the eyes of the sheep and rip the sides off a mini marshmallow for the ears.

Sheep Cupcakes Decoration

This cupcake decoration idea is perfect for birthday cakes of your children and loved one.

Cherry Pie Decoration:

This cupcake decoration appears to be a cherry pie decoration but you can use red M&Ms to give the illusion of beautiful red cherries. All you have to do is cut the tops off to create a flat surface. Use a knife to spread a layer of buttercream, then start to place your red candies. Use a small round top to pipe stripes across the top, then a slightly larger tip to make the “crust” around the outside.

 Cherry Pie cake decoration

Whether it is vanilla or chocolate cupcake decoration ideas, we are sure that these easy and creative hacks will help you decorate your cupcakes in the best way. Whether it is your child’s birthday or an anniversary celebration, these ideas will surely rhyme with every occasion and make your day special.