Wholesale Flower Market in Bangalore

Bangalore is popular for many things ranging from its industrial influence to its rapid infrastructure. Another thing that is very prominently remembered is the wholesale flower market in Bangalore. The place is full of flowers as you can guess and smells fresh and fragrant as a valley of flowers. The name of the desired place is K.R. market Bangalore, and today we will tell you about everything you need to know about the place.

Flower Market in Bangalore

Location- Near Avenue Road-Mysore Road junction, Bengaluru 560002 India

Opposite to Tipu Sultan's summer palace, it is considered to be the biggest flower market in Bangalore. You can find it on the Mysore road.

Flower Market Timing in Bangalore

Early morning to night

There are no fixed times of the market being open or close, but the hustle begins from 2:00 am. Shopkeepers often decide this with their preference. Although going in the morning would be preferable as you will be able to get all the fresh flowers before big vendors for marriages come to pick their lots.

Flower Market Timing in Bangalore

Types of Flower Available in Bangalore

Dutch roses, gerberas, carnations, oriental lily, Asiatic lily, blue daisy, white daisy, yellow daisy, chrysanthemums, orchids anthuriums are the usual flowers that you will indeed find here and at many other places.

Some different types of exotic foliage can also be found here such as Song of India, Song of Jamaica, Xanadu, Ivy Leaves, Areca Palm, China Leaves, Red and green Dracaena.

Top Vendors

Flower decoration store
You can visit this place with a 5-star rating for your wedding-related decorations and also card and houses.

H.M.S Florist
Here as well you can find all the types of flowers you require and desire. If your order is extremely large, you can pick to place an order on a few florists.

Lakhita Flower stall
They provide parties, weddings and Amanda decorations. They have a reputation in the market and can be an excellent choice to try.

S.V.C Flower stall
They focus on floral arts for wedding ceremonies and create and design places for events. They can be of good help to you.

Types of Flower Available in Bangalore

Bundle price

An average of rs. 80 for a bunch of roses, lilies, carnations are expected. Although remember to bargain bringing a price of 80 to almost 55 or 60, that way you can get the best deal.