5 Times She Proved She Is Our Strength

There’s actually no strength or force equal to a woman who wants to rise and conquer above all the odds. A woman is not only the most beautiful creature of God but at the same time, she is the strength of the country. She is the real architect of the society. It’s not possible at all, to sum up, the actual strength of a woman within a few words, however, the real fact is that she is the epitome of inspiration, strength, compassion, ambition, and forgiveness. If she is determined to follow her dream, there’s no such force that can ever stop her.

Strength of a Woman

The concept of a utopian society is that a woman is treated equally with the men, she is properly cared and loved for who she is. Unfortunately for eons, the actual place of a woman in the male-dominated society has never been equal to the man. There’s has been a huge cry for women empowerment across the globe and no matter how powerful country India is, but still it has been unable to curve the women empowerment in a significant way.

1. Tessy Thomas :

Known as the Agni-Putri of India, Tessy Thomas makes every woman feel proud with dignity. She is a very well known face of the DRDO who has become the first Indian to a very successful missile project “Agni V” in India. She is highly passionate about her work in DRDO and she never felt any kind of gender discrimination in the workplace.

 Tessy Thomas

2. Laxmi Saa

Where a lot of young girls across the globe are really depressed about their looks and the shape of their body, we have an inspirational and courageous acid attack survivor Laxmi Saa. She had a terrible family life and suffered from an acid attack that distorted her face and life. However, she stood up against her weak situation and now is the face of Courage Of Viva and Diva apparel brand. She has been running “Stop Acid Attack Campaign” successfully and achieved the highly prestigious International Women Of Courage Award.

Laxmi Saa

3. Mary Kom:

“Don’t let anyone tell you, you are weak because you are a woman”- most inspiring lines of MC Kom. She doesn’t need any kind of introduction, the pride of India, who hasn’t feared to throw challenges to her life and won it like a true hero. A proud mother of two children and 5 times world boxing champion who inspires us never to give up, break all the comfort zones.

She can be better described as the epitome of will-power, inner-strength, and unlimited courage. She is the iron lady who has never given up the roadway of hardship. She is the lady who inspires us every day. We must salute this Arjuna award-winning fighter.

Mary Kom

4. Mumtaz Shaikh:

Turning your dream into the reality is actually possible if you believe in yourself. She is a very determined and strong activist of “Right To Pee” and she has never refrained herself from putting all the efforts and time for the welfare of the women. She is also one of the inspirational women in the BBC’s list of top 100 inspirational women.

She loves challenges, have fought her challenges bravely and got 96 toilets constructed in the Mumbai. She made the Maharashtra government set a budget of Rs 50 million for constructing female-only toilets in the city. She is also the winner of Daughter Of Maharashtra award.

Mumtaz Shaikh

5. Arunima Sinha:

She is the perfect resemble of courage, resilience, and leaves by never giving up attitude. A national Volleyball player Arunima Sinha is also the first female amputee to climb the glorious Mt. Everest. She lost her leg when a gang of goons threw her out of the train when she withstood against them.

She has also won Padma Shri and a lot of prestigious prices. She also runs a school for disables.

Arunima Sinha

Folks, always remember one thing that every woman has a dream inside her and has the courage to fulfill it This strength that lies in her achievement is truly inspirational. So It’s time to explore what your dream is and go against the grains to fulfill it.

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