7 Essential Tips To DIY Your Wedding Flowers

If you wish to DIY your wedding flowers, not being sure where to begin with is not something that’s daunting just for you. Coming up with perfect wedding flower decorations is definitely a herculean task, no matter whoever in the world takes it up. And while you feel all could be handled, here are some tips that would help you in DIYing your own wedding blooms. Take the guide:

Tips To DIY Your Wedding Flowers

1. Understand The Colour Palette

You should be careful about the colour combinations. Not all flowers look good together when combined. Therefore, be flexible with your choice and open minded about the combinations rather than setting your mind and heart to a particular colour palette.

2. Choose Meaningful Flowers

It’s not just about choosing beautiful flowers. Go for flowers that have some meaning in your relationship. Say, roses because they are your first date flower or orchid because both of you love it.

3. Avoid Imitating Inspiration

Do not be willing to imitate an inspiration that you fell in love with. One common flower decoration mistake is trying to simulate a particular design which isn’t always feasible. Instead, you could take your inspiration as an example to bring out something new.

4. Talk To A Florist

Do not get down to the business of deciding about flowers without consulting the local florist. Arranging right flowers and making decorations IS a herculean task. Therefore, educate yourself about flowers and do not hesitate in contacting florists who have the knowledge and know how to deal with the flower related emergency.

5. Consider Venue Before Choosing Flowers

The kind of venue you choose also decides the type of flower arrangement for the wedding. What we mean is that flowers for a vintage looking venue would differ from the venue that has a modern structure. That means, do not settle with the floral design before deciding the venue.

6. Keep The Season In Mind

As aforementioned, be flexible with your choice and go with produce according to the season. The cost of the decoration is reduced to a great extent. If you are looking for special blooms that need to be imported, DIY flowers aren’t for you.

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7. Do Not Opt For All-Floral Design

One of the most essential wedding flower tips is to NOT go for all-floral design. Try mixing flowers with other wedding essentials like candles and non-floral wedding centerpieces to be right on mark with your flower decoration.