Renew Your Wedding Vows With Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Remember the first time you both met when he was all shy and you filled the dinner date with your child-like jibber-jabber? Well, times have changed. The young love you shared has now blossomed and is growing after every 365 days. He has now opened up and you are aware of his world which is full of football and PlayStations. The married couple strengthens their bond after every Earth’s rotation and with the annual revolution, anniversaries shower love to grow their heart fonder. This unique milestone, year after year seeks special celebration and you can’t simply present red roses every time the anniversary approaches. If you were thinking of ordering online red roses again, we’ve got you covered. Here are anniversary gifts that will add up to your chronicle of romance year by year and are sure to spread happiness and cheer.  
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A Beautiful Romantic Couple Enjoying Their Anniversary

1. First Anniversary

Traditionally the first year of marriage is associated with paper. Its clear implication reflects the delicate nature of the marriage which is still fragile in its early days. Though in modern terms, the first anniversary also shares a common bond with clocks as the lovebirds have totally swung across the pendulum and the duration of 365 days have passed away really fast. So, a hand watch or a wall clock with a paper greeting card would do for your first marriage anniversary gift.

Greeting Card for First Anniversary

2. Fifth Anniversary

Wood you believe it? It’s been five years of sharing your sofa with them and the moments are still full of love and laughter. Bonsai plants, a wooden artistic frame, everything that is made out of wood is associated with the fifth anniversary. If you’re seeking something expensive you can go for wooden pieces of furniture such as an armchair, outdoor chairs or a pretty hammock.

Bonsai Plant as a 5th Anniversary Gift

3. Tenth Anniversary

A decade of togetherness can be celebrated with Sn-C-Style! Did we just confuse you? Well, the tenth anniversary seeks for tin(Sn) and diamond(C) tokens. These represent that the couple is now as strong as metals who can resist any corrosion. An all-purpose homeware, custom license plates or a diamond ring for her would do the honor for this occasion.

Tin Canisters as a 10th Anniversary Gift

4. Fifteenth Anniversary

The fifteenth anniversary is associated with red roses and glassware. You can order wedding anniversary flowers online and send them in a gorgeous glassware as both of these are the quintessential messenger of love. If you wish to follow the contemporary path, you can always send a crystal watch as a happy anniversary gift.

Red Roses for 15th Anniversary Gift

5. Twentieth Anniversary

A twentieth-century love is traditionally celebrated with China. For sure, you can book a flight and go on a holiday to China but if you’re seeking of something closer, gifts of china clay such as bone china plate, teapot would be a perfect happy anniversary gift.

China Ware as 20th Anniversary Gift

6. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

You’ve celebrated 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years so the next big milestone is 25 years and it feels amazing to have shared your dreams, your life with your one and only and the best thing is you guys are still going strong! You can always celebrate a quarter of a century with precious silver jewelry for her and a unique silver watch for him.

Gift Silver Jewellery on Silver Anniversary

7. Thirtieth Anniversary

So many years of love, a thirtieth anniversary needs a gorgeous keepsake for its celebration. And talking about gorgeousness, how about a pearl gift? Some ladies are going to get lucky! The thirtieth anniversary deserves something really unique and precious and pearls are the perfect wedding anniversary gifts that can be ordered online.

Pearls as a 30th Anniversary Gift

8. Fortieth Anniversary

After so many of years of togetherness, you may think there’s literally nothing left to gift your partner, but think again for you can celebrate four decades of wedded bliss with precious ruby and lots of kisses! Perfect for the occasion, this unique anniversary gift can be purchased online.

Ruby as 40th Anniversary Gift

9. Fiftieth Anniversary

First of all, heartiest congratulations to both of you as you’ve reached this golden milestone. Known as the golden anniversary, the couple can commemorate their romance with elegant golden anniversary gifts and mark the momentous occasion with sunkissed yellow roses.

Gift Flowers on 50th Anniversary

With every upcoming year, you can always cheer your dear! All you need is a beautiful flower bouquet for your anniversary and nothing about the occasion will be ordinary.