Your Guide To Adorable Valentine Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationship

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"Another day without you with me
Is like a blade that cuts right through me
But I can wait, I can wait forever..."

Absence, indeed, makes the Heart Grow Fonder! And who would understand it better than the couples separated by distance. Exchanging hugs through texts, long wait between visits, the intermittent Skype chats; you do it all in hope of inching closer to your other half and the efforts seem worth every mile.

Long distance relationships have their own level of charm and challenges and your heart should be open to unexpected possibilities of surprises and setbacks. But unlike the regular romantic relationships, LDRs need an extra dose of love and warmth to cut short the miles separating the soul mates and that is what builds the relationship stronger and better.

If you are one of those looking for a perfect way to make your partner feel adored and keep your love intact, here are some amazing long distance relationship gift ideas:

  • A beautiful bunch of flowers as a LDR Valentine Gift expressing your truest emotions

    1. Flowers

    Flowers speak volumes of your truest emotions when words fail to convey them. Sending your partner a beautiful bunch of their favourite flowers is definitely going to add freshness to your otherwise mundane relationship.

  • Letter-Scroll Box as a LDR Valentine Gift that includes a set of glass bottles with love scrolls

    2. Letter-Scroll Box

    One sure way to strum the chords of your loved one’s heart is through words. Letter Scroll Box includes a wooden box with a set of glass bottles having love scrolls placed inside them. You can pour out your deep emotions in each. Why not celebrate with Cutie Love Messenger and weave some romantic moments through words?

  • Couple Phone cases as LDR Valentine Gift that will show the loving bond of your relationship

    3. Couple Phone Cases

    Couple Phone Cases are unique, adorable, and ever-reminding of the distant love. Share the loving bond by going for couple phone cases. A cute way indeed, to give a fun turn to your relationship.

  • Couple Mugs as LDR Valentine Gift that will remind your partner about yourself with every sip of his Coffee

    4. Couple Mugs

    How about reminding your partner about yourself with every sip of his Coffee? With several designs to choose from, including Mugs Full Of Hearts & Kisses, choose your personal favorite and create cute memories.

  • State Bracelets as LDR Valentine Gift that will remind the couple of the endless love for each other

    5. State Bracelets

    It’s no sin to stay in trend and show off love at the same time! Try out state bracelets that not only act as a sweet remembrance but also remind you both of the endless love for each other despite being states away.

  • Story Cushion as a LDR Valentine Gift

    6. Cushions

    Think of your partner coming home exhausted from work and tossing on bed for comfort. Your Love Cushion is all that he would need! Gift one for absolute comfort and a little extra love! They come digitally designed with heart warming quotes and couple images. Order for Perfect Story Cushion and bring them closer.

  •  A Beautiful Royal Rose as a LDR Valentine Gift

    7. Royal Rose

    Roses burst with elegance and hold true allure. With well preserved and beautifully packed regal roses that come in silver and gold coating, be sure of your memory always lingering around your partner. Order for Golden Rose to fill your relationship with warmth.

  • Printed Pictures as LDR Valentine Gift that will revive your old time memories

    8. Printed Pictures

    Nothing touches the heart as memories of the old days that come to life with wonderful pictures! It’s time you look through your archives and pull out some wonderful pictures to turn them into a collage or an album.

  • 9. “I Love You” Bean

    It’s time to be a little unique with your surprises and make your LDR partner feel adored with ‘I Love You’ Bean plant. Sending this magical gift is a perfect key to sweeten your budding love. We also call it as Love Plant.

  • Beautiful Handmade Gifts showing your love to your partner

    10. Handmade Gifts

    Don’t hit the stores hunting for gifts every time. Bring out the creative kid in you and put a little effort to come up with something heart-warming and unique for your partner. Pour in all your love in handmade cards or their favourite cookies.

  •  Designer Key Chains as LDR Valentine Gift

    11. Key Chains

    Key Chains come in a variety of designs. They could also be custom made for your LDR. With heart touching quotes engraved upon them, you can assure your partner that the distance between you two cannot weaken the relationship.

With countless adorable tokens of love to load your partner, loving from distance can be a lot beautiful and romantic. Create endless magic with these amazing LDR Gift ideas for Valentine's Day and add all the love and moments of bliss to your relationship.