5 Tricks to Impress a Girl which Always work

We really tend to get disappointed when the person we like doesn’t like us back. This feeling totally kills us when we realize all the pain we have gone through while we had treated her with every possible gift to impress a girl. But, still, she doesn't feel you are worthy of her love and time and simply friend-zoned you. What can be done under such a situation? Would you rather give up on your feelings and try to avoid that person? That would be totally childish or immature of you and like your failed extravagant trick of getting an impressive gift for a girl!  

Tricks to Impress a Girl which Always work

In the long run, a girl who would truly value love and relationships would not value these cheesy gestures. Rather, would love to fall in love with you and your personality! So, this is probably the reason, you failed miserably to impress her. But, if life gives you a second chance of meeting and impressing that girl, all over again, then this time make sure to do it right. And these below listed 5 tricks will answer a question ‘how to impress a girl?’, without fail!  

1. Start By Loving Yourself

t is very correctly said that- “In order to love someone else, you need to love yourself first.” Everyone is flawed in some sense or the other, but forgiving and loving yourself not just makes you look good in your own eyes, but also in others. Not caring about your insecurities and realizing that you don’t have to meet the ideal standards or expectations of someone to fit in the society is what loving or embracing yourself would mean. Be you, for you in order to love you and your significant other.   

2. Keep Nurturing

Your hobby, work towards achieving the ambition - You know what makes you more desirable in the eyes of your crush? Your passion for nurturing your hobbies. Nurturing any hobby gives you a sense of personal achievement along with making a work-life balance. Even if you feel that you don’t have any hobbies, then working out or hitting the gym surely does the magic. It is also said to increase confidence in a person and that confidence makes you look even more desirable in the eyes of the girl, you like. If we are talking about confidence, then let me just tell you, girls tend to get attracted to those boys who are ambitious and know what they want from their lives, in the long run. 

3. Be Well-groomed

Do you know why ladies are always talking about actors or other socialites? Well, this 3rd point will give you, your answer! The looks of a man don’t matter, neither does his complexion or other blemishes but the grooming does. Believe me, no lady would want her man to be shabbily dressed and not care about personal hygiene! Also, a suave and sophisticated man who values personal grooming has been seen to be more confident in his approach than the other kind. Spend a little time to make hell a lot of difference in you and for you and you will see the attention you get from a girl, as well! 

4. Have A Personal, Meaningful Conversation

The key to establish a healthy relationship is simply talk it out. So, have this habit of yours from the initial level of approaching a girl. If she really wants to give you all her time, she would probably like to have a deep, meaningful conversation with you. But before that, make sure to find out what all topics do you both have in common. And accordingly, initiate a good conversation because, in the long run, she would like to connect with you on a personal level.  

5. Give Attention And Be a Good Listener

A girl always values when someone listens to her with full attention. These days, pampering by giving gifts for girlfriend won’t even work, as most of the girls work and can sufficiently pamper themselves. Rather, a little bit of attention can do literally wonders while impressing your crush. So, make sure to listen to her and try to take interest in whatever, she says. Ask her related questions but make sure you are not pissing her off by asking too much. Show her that you are interested in her talk by making eye contact subtly and not creepily. 

Learned enough? Now, start experimenting these pointers and we guarantee you this time you won’t fail.

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