5 Types of Indoor Plant Types Their Examples and Care Tips

Peace and serenity is everyone's desire but seldom achieved. The busy and hectic schedules barely allow us to have time for ourselves with a calm and positive approach. However, you can turn it all around by having some plants around. For plants to be in your vicinity, you can either buy them online or plant on your own. If you want to save time and be quick you can buy plants like terrarium plants and flowering plants. It beautifies outdoor and indoor both. But this is just a hint so without further ado let's get to work, and today we are going to tell you how to choose house plants.

Indoor Plant Types And Care Tips

There are three main parameters you need to judge on before buying any plants.

1. Types of plants
2. Size of plants
3. Care tips for plants

Once these three suit your plant and you, feel free to buy them ahead.

Types of plants

1. Common House Plants


The common house plants are the most often planted plants in the house especially indoors including spider plant, jade plant, peace lily, aloe vera etc.

Care tips

  • Avoid direct sunlight to keep the leaves nourished and hydrated.
  • Pour good amount of water in summer and spring and avoid using much during winters.
Common House plants

2. Flowering Plants


It's almost impossible to decide how to choose house plants when the question is about flowering plants, and the options are roses, daisies, orchids, lilies, jasmine, rose china and so much more.

Care tips

  • A lot of indirect light is recommended but not directly.
  • Keep watering the plants on set intervals; they don't mind a good amount of water.
  • You can repot them in spring if you like.
Flowering Plants

3. Foliage Plants


Foliage plants are one with very appealing and majestic leaves; it is their main attraction. Some examples of these are pothos plant, palm, lucky bamboo, money plant, Kentia palm and many others

Care tips

  • Room temperature is most preferable, and low temperature is strictly avoided.
  • Place it in bright indirect sunlight; direct light often tends to burn the leaves.
  • Water the plant twice a week on an average.
Foliage Plants

4. Succulent Plants


Succulent plants are leafy mostly and have characteristics that woe everyone's heart. Including Aloe Vera, cactus, lily, jade, mother in law's tongue haworthia, jelly beans and others.

Care tips

  • The house or room temperature is perfect to grow these plants, neither colder or warmer temperature is their choice.
  • They like shaded spots but want their share of indirect sunlight every day.
  • Plant it in soil that drains well to see the best results.
Succulent Plants

5. Hanging Plants


If you are passionate about hanging plants in beautiful potters so you can see the leaves fall towards the earth, spider plants, donkey's tail plant, rabbits foot, Boston fern and others.

Care tips

  • Feel free to keep in the house but avoid using heaters while they are inside the home.
  • The best for them is indirect sunlight manorly because they stay under the shade of trees in their natural habitat and are not used to strong light.
  • Moist soil is good to go but not soggy. Avoid over watering
Hanging Plants

Now you know how to choose house plants, choose from the above-mentioned variety of options. Don't worry about finding these plants you can reach it all online and with much ease.