5 Ways to Cut Down Calorie Count While Preparing Cakes?

Are you one of those people with a sweet tooth who wishes if there was a magic wand that can allow them to eat as much as they want without getting fat? You are not alone; there are millions like you out there. While there are no fairies to grant us such wishes, there is something that can be done to reduce the calorie count in your favourite sweet treats. There are simple changes that can be made to baking recipes that will make a whole lot of difference in your body.

low calorie cake

There are some calories that a dish doesn’t really need in order to taste great. So why carry them along?

Below are steps you can take to produce a low-calorie cake. Read on!

1. Use Whole-Wheat Flour

You can substitute half of the white flour in your recipe with whole-wheat flour. Whole-wheat flour is healthier and is known to contain good amounts of selenium, phytochemicals, fibre and magnesium. It is rich in fibre which helps in slower digestion and increases fullness.

whole wheat flour

2. Use Less Sugar

Less sugar equals fewer calories; the math is simple. Yes, it’s called a sweet treat, so it’s supposed to be sweet. But does it have to be that sweet? You really don’t have to follow recipes to the T when it comes to the amount of sugar. Just by cutting down the amount of sugar you used to add earlier, you can cut unnecessary calories. Did you know that you take out of the recipe for each tablespoon of sugar you will also be cutting out 48 calories? You can also consider using no-calories sweetener instead of sugar.

low calorie cake

3. Substitute Oil And Butter Where Possible

Each gram of fat contains nine calories, and there are about 13 grams in a tablespoon of oil or butter. So when you replace oil and butter with some other moist ingredient, like light cream cheese, banana, orange juice or fat-free sour cream, you would have saved yourself a lot of calories.

low calorie cake

4. Make Use Of Egg Substitutes

Half of the eggs in your recipes can be replaced by egg substitute. For each large egg that you replace with 1/4 cup of egg substitute, you would have cut off 45 calories, 5 grams of fat, 1.6 grams saturated fat, and 213 mg cholesterol!

egg substitutes cake

5. Reconsider High-Calorie Extras

You also have to go with semi-naked cakes. They do not require heavy coatings of frosting and fondant, which also helps cut back on the usage of sweet ingredients. And while we are on cutting sweet ingredients, you also have to cut down on the sweet chocolate ingredient.

low calorie cake

Love the sweets but hate the calories? Download low-calorie cake recipes and normalise ordering low-calorie birthday cakes online!