5 ways to wish marriage anniversary to your partner on social media

In the age of the techno-world, social media platforms have become a part of our lifestyle. You may hardly find a person around who doesn't have a profile on any of the social media platforms.

Well, whatever the scenario is, the truth is that social media has become a channel of expressing thoughts, conveying sentiments, communicating happiness, and whatnot. Couples have started wishing each other Happy Anniversary on social media platforms, and that's because they want their partner to feel special and loved.

Anniversary Wishes

Putting happy marriage anniversary status over the What's App is totally normal now. And apart from that, here are five other ways to wish a marriage anniversary to your partner on social media platforms.

Series Of Stories On Instagram

Instagram's story feature is a revolution itself. You put up anything there, and it stays for 24 hours and then disappears. To wish a happy marriage anniversary to your partner, you can upload a series of stories. It can include the lovely pictures of you both, and every story should contain a lovely caption.

Post Wedding Anniversary Wish On Your Partner's Facebook Wall

The most revolutionary social media platform, Facebook, provides a lot of ways to make your partner feel special and posting on a wall is one of them. For sending wedding anniversary wishes to wife on Facebook, go to her profile and write & post the wishes there. A wife can do the same to surprise her loving husband.

Create and Upload A Dedicated Video

On almost all the social media platforms, you can post videos. So, create a heart-warming video for your partner and post it on your profile by tagging your partner. The video must speak about your love and the special day. If your partner is away for some reason, you can also drop a hint of the surprise gift for anniversary in the video.

Post A Picture From Your Wedding Day With A Romantic Caption

Go through your wedding album and pick up the best picture of you both. You may need to visit a studio if you don't have a digital file of the picture. Now, post the picture on all your social media profiles with a romantic caption. For the caption concern, search the internet for some romantic happy marriage anniversary msg. Here are some for your help:

● I didn't think it was possible to love you any more than I did the day I married you, but somehow my love only grows. I love you today and always.

● Forever wouldn't be long enough with you—happy anniversary, with all my love.

● Having you by my side makes me the happiest, most grateful and luckiest person in the world—happy anniversary to my soul mate.

Send An Anniversary Special E-GREETING CARD Over What's App

As we are talking about the digital way of expressing and wishing love, it's time for the digital gift too. This one is the unique anniversary gift for husband and wife. The E-greeting card is a video in which a card-shaped template will reveal itself. You can also personalize the anniversary e-greeting card with pictures and names. E-greeting cards are available on online gifting portals.

On the ending note, Happy Marriage Anniversary from our side! (This one is also digital. )