Super Easy Choco Fudge Cake Recipe

Most of you must have tried chocolate cake and FYI there are a lot of variants of chocolate cakes that you can bake. The one that we are going to talk about today is the choco fudge cake which is super moist and very chocolatey. The single-layer cake is rich and your taste buds will crave for more and more. If you are thinking that the cake will be hard to bake, then FYI it is super easy to bake this delectable cake. Below, we have shared the ultimate choco fudge cake recipe. Scroll down and dive into the deliciousness of this cake.

Choco Fudge Cake


• 125 gm or 4 oz dark chocolate chips

• 1 cup flour, plain / all purpose

• 100 gm or 7 tbsp butter, salted

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 1 tsp baking powder

• 2 eggs, at room temperature

• ¼ cup cocoa powder

• 1 ¼ cups white sugar, caster or superfine best

• ¼ cup oil (vegetable, canola)

• 1 tbsp coffee granules (optional)

• 1 cup boiling hot water


• 250 gm or 8 oz dark chocolate chips

• 1 cup heavy or thickened cream (30%+ fat)

Recipe / Instructions

• Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Oil a 22 cm or 9 inches cake baking container and line with baking paper or parchment paper.

• Liquefy butter and chocolate: Place butter and chocolate hamper in a heatproof bowl. Microwave 3*30 seconds on high, blend the mixture in the middle until liquefied. Blend again.

• Oil, vanilla and Sugar: Add oil, vanilla, and sugar, blend to mix well (this brings down the battery temperature).

• Eggs: Add eggs and blend until mixed.

• Dry Ingredients: Sift cocoa, flour, and baking powder (and espresso, if utilizing) thoroughly into the container. Blend until smooth, batter will be somewhat thin. Some little bumps are alright.

• Boiling water: Add boiling water. Blend until mixed well.

• Bake: Pour the batter into the cake container and bake for an hour or until a toothpick inserted in the middle tells you the truth. Check at 50 minutes. The surface will break or scrumple sometimes however it is alright because it will be good once you cool the cake and frost it.

• Cool: Delicately remove the cake from the sides of the cake container and invert it on the wire rack to cool completely.


• Put chocolate and cream in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave 3*30 seconds, blending in between, until chocolate liquefies. Try not to let cream come to bubble.

• Mix chocolate until smooth. Refrigerate for around two hours or until thickened to a spreadable consistency like peanut butter.

• Spread over the top and sides of the cake. Utilize a teaspoon in a twirling motion to accomplish the beautiful surface that you see in the photographs.

So, that was the complete recipe to bake a lip-smacking Choco Fudge cake. Hope you find the recipe useful and bake a delectable cake at home for you and your family. If not, you can always order such delectable treats from an online bakery. Happy eating! Happy baking!